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Lesson 5 Case Studies
Srijan Shrestha
MS510: Human Resources Management
Professor Louis Lopez
April 15, 2013

Project Management and Next Steps At HP
Hewlett-Packard Company (HP), incorporated on February 11, 1947, is a provider of products, technologies, software, solutions and services to individual consumers, small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and large enterprises, including customers in the Government, health and education sectors. After determining and addressing the needs between current situation and desired situation, Ron Kempf, the director of project management competency and certification at hp along with various stakeholders took a decision to provide training that includes using HP's knowledge management system, networking participants so they could learn from each other, e-learning, self-paced instruction to the employees to improve their skills for the purpose of expanding its consulting and integrated business. Kempf put an effort with ESI to train the employees in order to meet the needs of worldwide employees which results successful boost up in company’s profit margin.

Needs Assessment for project Management Staff
A needs assessment is a systematic process for determining needs, examine their nature and causes, and set priorities for future action. HP, a provider of products, technologies, software, solutions and services, decides to expand its consulting and integration business for which Ron Kempf, the director of project management competency and certification at hp, along with various stakeholders selected ESI international to prepare the human resources to attain “project management professionals” designation which had became the standard in the industry and also the need of company. Kempf worked with ESI to provide training that includes using HP’s knowledge management system, networking participants, and e-learning, self-paced instructions to meet the needs of worldwide workforce. As a result, the training was very successful which increase the profit margin of the company.

HP Issues
HP needs to decide on the "next steps” to ensure that it doesn't lose its competitive edge: Having a competitive edge means possessing an advantage over the competition and some solid strategic planning is needed. It’s essential to identify and analyze the target market. It’s also necessary to have the knowledge about the strength and weakness, strategies and future goals of the competitors. To identify the customers’ needs and want is another important factor. Similarly, price, product and the marketing strategies are powerful factors and need to consider carefully gaining success in competitive edge. In the same way, the supply and demand and expansion of company should also be determined. In brief, the training system should also include the sufficient knowledge about competitors’ strength and weakness and strategies and goals to possess an advantage over competitors. Whereas the retirement of 20% first group employees is concerned, the new employees replacing retired employees can be trained by the project manager.

Training Plan Creation
A training plan is a complete document that directs the planning and delivery of instructions. While training people one on one or in a group, a well developed training plan allows preparing and delivering thorough and effective classes. I would begin with:

1. Establishing the training goals of an organization:
The purpose of training is to improve the skills of employees that would help to expand consulting and integration business as well as to meet the needs of worldwide human resource. 2. Identifying the trainees:

The training may be organization wide, department or designed for entry level staffs. So, it is necessary to identify the trainees and provide the training according to the necessity, some may need simple overviews whereas others may require in-depth training.

3. Establishing a training budget:

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