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True / False Questions
1. Companies can now make vast amounts of information available to employees and customers on their Internet, intranet, and extranet sites.  True    False
2. An intranet is a private piece of a company's Internet network made available to customers or to vendor partners using secured access by a unique password.  True    False
3. The extranet is a company's internal Web site, which contains information for employee access only.  True    False
4. Many of the wonderful promises made by advances in technology are overshadowed by concerns over loss of privacy.  True    False
5. Many of the wonderful promises made by advances in technology are overshadowed by the fact that employers now have the capability of monitoring every employee e-mail, to make sure employees are delivering on the promise of increased worker productivity.  True    False

6. The potential cost savings for American corporations who ship work to countries with lower labor costs is becoming increasingly unattractive due to rising wages in those countries.  True    False


7. The first wave of technological advance came with the establishment of call centers in other parts of the world.  True    False
8. The first wave of technological advance came with the establishment of call centers predominantly in Europe.  True    False
9. The ethical obligations of new technical capability are only just being realized.  True    False
10. Desktop computers, e-mail, instant messaging, and the World Wide Web have changed our work environments and created a new world of ethical dilemmas.  True    False
11. According to the employer position, all employee activity should be work-related, and any monitoring of that activity is an infringement of employee privacy.  True    False
12. An organization has an obligation to its stakeholders to operate as efficiently as possible, and to do so, it must ensure that company resources are not misused.  True    False
13.  Employees feel that their time at work represents the productivity for which they receive an agreed upon hourly wage or salary; therefore, they believe it's their employer's prerogative to monitor their activities at work.   True    False


14. Employees feel that electronic monitoring implies that they can't be trusted.  True    False
15. Employees feel that they should be notified of any electronic surveillance and the purpose of that surveillance.  True    False
16. The ability to work outside of your office and log in to your company network is known as telecommuting.  True    False
17. Differing opinions regarding monitoring employees at work are difficult because the willingness to compromise has fallen in direct relation to the prevailing job market.  True    False
18. Advances in technology have blurred the concept of "at work."  True    False
19. With the availability of technology, has come the expectation that you can check e-mails at home or finish a presentation the night before the big meeting, which has made many employees available to their boss at all times of the day and night.  True    False

20. If an employee receives formal notification that the company will monitor all e-mail and Web activity, and that notification makes clear that his/her continued employment with the company depends on the employee's agreement to abide by that monitoring, then the employee has given thick consent.  True    False


21. When jobs are plentiful and an employee would have no difficulty finding another position, then the consent given to the monitoring policy is thin consent.  True    False
22. Though employees may resent the availability of technology that allows employers to monitor every key stroke on their computers, it is often the documents written on their machines that do the most harm.  True    False

23. Parties charged with vicarious liability are generally in a supervisory role over the...
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