Chapter I: The Effectiveness of Paper Charcoal as an alternative for Commercial Charcoal: Turning Trash into a Cheap Source of Fuel

Topics: Recycling, Wood, Charcoal Pages: 8 (1194 words) Published: February 28, 2015
Chapter I
The Problem and its Background
Proper management disposal is one of the major problems the world is facing nowadays. Many people have no concern and discipline to our environment; they just dump their garbages anywhere. Ruining the environment is just ruining your life because all living things in this world are dependent on the supply given by the environment, we have foods, clothes, and shelter because of the environment but through the problem on the proper management disposal, our environment affects, so the supply given by the environment will be lessen and as a result, there will be scarcity in our primary needs which are the foods, clothes, and shelter and there is a possibility that lots of people will die because of hunger or some of them will get insane. Through informing those people who have no concern to our environment that our life is connected to it and all things we have was coming from the environment like our primary needs that avoid us from danger, so through informing, we can persuade the people to be involved in  lessening the problem on the proper management disposal. The study is sorely concerned to our environment, it discusses about the three simple ways in lessening the problem on the proper management disposal by means of the three words: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle; reducing the problem, reuse and recycle such waste materials like papers, so through this ways, we can save and protect our environment. The study also discusses about turning trash into cheap source of energy like the product of this study which is Recycled Paper Charcoal Fuel. The study entitled “The Effectiveness of Paper Charcoal as an alternative for Commercial Charcoal: Turning Trash into a Cheap Source of Fuel” focuses on making charcoal fuel out of the used papers. The objectives of the study are to inform the people about the problem on the proper management disposal, teach them to reduce, reuse, and recycle waste materials like papers, then, turn them into a cheap source of energy. Lastly, the researchers wants to find out whether paper charcoal could be an alternative for commercial charcoal so that less trees will be cut down for the purpose of making charcoal. The researchers also hope to prove that paper charcoal is better than commercial charcoal in terms of: Speed, Reliability, Reusability, and Value for money.

The study was based on Research at Boise State University in Idaho, explored both the caloric content and shape to optimize burn efficiency of the biobriquettes. The energy content of briquettes ranged from 4.48 to 5.95 kilojoule per gram (kJ/g) depending on composition, whereas the energy content of sawdust, charcoal and wood pellets ranged from 7.24 to 8.25 kJ/g. Biobriquettes molded into a hollow-core cylindrical form exhibited energy output comparable to that of traditional fuels. The study demonstrates that low-energy content feedstocks can be composted, pressed and combusted to produce heat output commensurate with higher energy content fuels. The energy produced when properly molded biobriquettes are combusted is comparable to traditional fuels. These biobriquettes can be burned in unmodified wood and wood pellet stoves, fireplaces, patio heaters and charcoal grills, and provide a low-cost method for converting organic wastes into energy [5]. Ideally, biofuels can be made from renewable and readily available materials, and their production should result in a reduced environmental impact when compared to traditional fuels being replaced. From conversations we’ve had with members of the stover community, conventional hockey-puck briquettes with a hole in the center, currently being produced using a Bryant press, are not well suited for burning in a clean cookstove, such as a rocket stove. They’re too big and too chunky to be effective, we’re told. One significant variant is that the briquette tested by the researchers included air vents (adapted...
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