Chapter I for Inventory System

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Chapter I
Background of the study
An automated system nowadays is becoming prominent for a business that needs accurate, efficient and reliable results. Today, many businesses are engaging to automated systems, its manual setup can be applied automatically through computer. By using a computer, a business can perform its transaction in a less amount of time. Having a way to organize transactions by the use of automated system is an asset. Especially when you apply the automation to the most commonly used transaction, Sales and Inventory System. Inventory is a list of goods and raw materials that is needed for the everyday production of a business which is held available in stock. Updating the records of the stocks in a business plays an important part for the organization of business functions. Manual application of transaction can bring interruption, thus, the Automated Sales and Inventory System is considered as the best solution to this problem. A business owner can franchise more than one line of franchise, ____________has a group of franchised business which she named, R and E food station. Her business started last February 2014 and successfully opened 2 branches in 3 months. Since then, they record their daily sales and inventory manually by the use of record book and Microsoft excel. It starts from counting and checking their previous available stocks individually, computer for the total used stocks, record it in a record book and update the whole record in Microsoft excel. It takes a lot of time and the possibility for human errors is always present which could result to inaccurate information. The researchers aim to design and develop computer based system that will automate the manual system that the business is currently using to provide a more reliable, accurate and fast results. Objectives of the study

The researchers aim to accomplish the following objectives:
To develop a system that will lessen the time consumed for every inventory...
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