Chapter-Vi Review of Performance of Public Sector Undertaking

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Chapter-VI Review of Performance of Public Sector Undertaking 6.1

Introduction The Housing & Urban Development Corporation Ltd. (HUDCO) was

incorporated as a fully owned Government Company under the Companies Act, 1956 with the main objectives to: i) provide long term finance for construction of houses for residential purposes in urban and rural areas and finance or undertake housing and urban development programmes in the country; ii) iii) finance or undertake, wholly or partly, the setting up of new or satellite towns; subscribe to the debentures and bonds to be issued by the State Housing (and/or) Urban Development Boards, Improvement Trusts, Development Authorities, etc specially for the purpose of financing housing and urban development programmes; iv) v) finance or undertake the setting up of industrial enterprises of building material; administer the monies received, from time to time, from the Government of India and other sources as grants or otherwise for the purposes of financing or undertaking housing and urban development programmes in the country, and, vi) promote, establish, assist, collaborate and provide consultancy services for the projects of designing and planning of works relating to housing and urban development programmes in India and abroad.

In order to achieve these objectives, HUDCO finances a variety of housing and

urban development projects formulated by the the State Governments, Parastatal Institutions, State Housing Boards, Development Authorities, Improvement Trusts, Co-operative Housing Societies, private sector, joint sector etc. Over the years, HUDCO has emerged as the leading public financial institution with the major objective of financing and encouraging housing and

urban development activity in the country and has developed sound capabilities of project preparation, appraisal, financial planning and monitoring. 6.1.2 6.1.3 Mission To promote sustainable habitat development to enhance the quality of life. Vision To be among the world’s leading knowledge hubs and financial facilitating

organizations for habitat development 6.1.4

Performance During the Year 2009-10 (As On Dec, 09)
HUDCO, during the year 2009-10 (till 31.12.2009), sanctioned loans of

Rs.8072 crore out of which Rs.7108 crore was for urban infrastructure and Rs.964 crore was for housing. HUDCO, during the period, released an amount of Rs.2124 crore out of which Rs.1575 crore was for urban infrastructure and Rs.549 crore was for housing. During this period, the loan sanctioned by HUDCO will help in providing 66,710 dwelling units (including 333 under HUDCO Niwas), and 34 urban infrastructure projects.


Performance Vis-À-Vis Targets
The performance in any year is aimed at achieving / surpassing the targets as

laid down in the Memorandum of Understanding signed between HUDCO and the Ministry of Urban Employment & Poverty Alleviation. The targets laid down in the MoU form the basis of the overall operations that the organization undertakes during the year. The targets and achievements for 2009-10 (As on 31.12.2009) are indicated below:(Rs. in crore) S. No. 1. Criteria Loan Sanctions (a) Housing (b) Urban Infrastructure. Loan Release (a) Housing (b) Urban Infrastructure Target (MoU Level I) (2009-2010) 4890 11409 2256 5263 Achievement (2009-2010) As on 31.12.09 964 7108 549 1575



Physical Progress Dwellings Sanctioned During the Year 2009-10 (As on 31.12.09) The table below indicates the category-wise break-up of dwelling units sanctioned by

HUDCO during the year 2009-10. CATEGORY - Economically weaker section - Lower income group - Middle income group - Higher income group Total - Hudco niwas Grand total NO. OF UNITS % 12814 7 52547 1099 66377 333 66710

Cumulative Sanction of Dwellings (upto 31.12.2009)
HUDCO’s loan sanctions...
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