Chapter Twenty One .

Topics: Warren G. Harding, Albert B. Fall, Ohio Gang Pages: 5 (1055 words) Published: April 13, 2010
Chapter 21.
Section one.
Page 639.

3. The effects of the Teapot Dome scandal on citizen’s views of the government. The Teapot Dome scandal caused the citizens to view the government as corrupt.

4. How Ohio Gang did the tarnish the Harding Administration? Some Members of the Ohio Gang used their position to their personal advantage, to sell government jobs, pardons, and protection from prosecution. Forbes sold scarce medication supplies from veterans’ hospitals and kept the money for himself, costing taxpayers about $250 million.

5. How did the Democrats lose the chance for victory in the election of 1924? The democrats couldn’t agree on a nominee and kept focusing on the issues of scandal in the White House and Harding, who was dead. Coolidge provided the Republicans a man who would not say anything that would damage the cause and let business take care of itself.

6. Harding vs. Coolidge

7. Coolidge was a leader; he avoided scandal and supported business prosperity.

8. Newspaper article about the Teapot Dome scandal.
Albert B. Fall, U.S. Secretary of the Interior, leased, without competitive bidding, the Teapot Dome fields to Harry F. Sinclair, an oil operator, and the field at Elk Hills, California, to Edward L. Doheny. He received bribes from those two which brought indictments for conspiracy and accepting bribes for Fall. He was convicted of accepting bribes and sentenced to one year in prison anad fined $100,000.

Section two.
Page 646.

3. What were the factors that led to the new consumer society in the United States during the 1920’s? The factors that led to the new consumer society in the united states during the 1920’s were mass production, easy credit, mass advertisement, and economic prosperity.

4. How did the automobile impact American society?
The automobile eased rural isolation and allowed workers to live further away from where they worked.

5. How did the United States government help spur the growth of the airline industry? Governmental airmail service and funds helped spur the growth of the airline industry.

6. New Industries
• The Consumer Goods Industry.
• The Airline Industry.
• The Radio Industry.
• The Automobile Industry.

7. How did the growing consumer culture impact the nation’s economy? The growing consumer raised the standard of living and encouraged Americans to buy new goods.

8. Newspaper Article on Charles Lindbergh.
Charles A. Lindbergh not only opened a passageway to Europe; he opened up the hopes of people who never thought they would see outside their continental boundaries. Before Lindbergh’s transatlantic flight, travel was limited to the ground or the sea; and even the amazing “automobiles” were blocked by waterways. Travel had boundaries prior to Lindbergh’s flight across the Atlantic, but after his flight people could see beyond those boundaries.

Section three.

3. Why did Andrew Mellon work to reduce federal tax rates?
He thought that lowering taxes rates would spur the economy by encouraging businesses and consumers to invest and spend.

4. What efforts did the United States make to promote permanent peace and worldwide economic recovery? Were these efforts successful?

5. Treaties
1. Four-Power Treaty
• All agreed to respect the others’ territory in the Pacific. • Full and open negotiations in the event of disagreements. 2. Five-Power Treaty
• All agreed to freeze naval production at 1921 levels and halt production of large warships for 10 years. • U.S. and Great Britain would not build new naval bases in the western public. 3. Nine-Power Treaty

• All agreed to preserve equal commercial rights to China _ a reassertion of the “Open Door Policy”

6. What is the difference between politics and the media then and now? Back then there wasn’t a lot “paparazzi” and it looks like it was more...
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