Chapter Summary of Guns Germs and Steel

Topics: Agriculture, Domestication, Native Americans in the United States Pages: 2 (821 words) Published: January 13, 2014
1. How humans came into existence was talked about along with the major advances in the world’s development. It is proven that humans did evolve from monkeys in Africa. There is some arguments around if there were pre-Clovis people or not, but James Diamond says evidence would’ve been found by now. 2. The Maori and Moriori are the descendants of the Polynesians. Because they had a larger and denser population, the Maori people were more technologically advanced with more complex societies and technology. Smaller populations only make things when there is an actual need. 3. There was a big population shift in North America when the Europeans colonized America and almost eliminated the Native American population. The Spanish conquistadors were Christians, who used God as their reasoning behind actions. So, when the Incan emperor and heir died of small pox, the Spanish used their communication skills to easily defeat the Incas. 4. The production of food is very important to a successful society, because food means more people. Domesticating animals also comes with its benefits such as: milk, meat, tools, labor, and transportation. For example horses were used in warfare. 5. There was a discussion revolving around why well off areas didn’t do food production. The earliest places that did adopt food productions were: Iraq, Mexico, and the Andes. 6. Ancient farming often had many diseases associated with it along with malnourishment and younger deaths. Usually people would do a combination of hunter gathering and farming. Mainly the only people who would not survive are the ones who could not farm because of geographical reasons. 7. Wild plants became crops through genetic modifications. For the purpose of reproduction, tasty plants had bitter seeds, so animals wouldn’t eat the seeds. 8. This chapter discussed why the Fertile Crescent thrived as well as it did. Three possible answers could be: the climate, self-pollination, and the ancestor crops. The beginning of...
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