Chapter Summary: Middlesex

Pages: 1 (368 words) Published: November 3, 2008
Finally Lefty and Desdemona leave and end up moving to Detroit to live with Sourmelina and her husband Jimmy Zizmo. They asked Sourmelina to keep it a secret that they are brother and sister and just want to be known as a married couple. Lefty gets a job at the Ford Motor Company but eventually gets fired because Zizmo has a criminal record. Sourmelina and Desdemona both get “knocked up”.

Lefty starts working with Jimmy bringing alcohol from Canada. One night Jimmy accuses Lefty of sleeping with Sourlemina and raced his car across the lake, but Lefty jumps out. Everyone thinks that Zizmo has drowned in the river. Both Sourlemina and Desdemona have their babies. Desdemona’s baby: Milton Sourmelina’s baby: Tessie; Cal’s future parents.

Lefty opens the Zebra Room which is a bar where he spends most of his time. Desdemona gets a job making silk clothing, and finds out that the guy who started the company is Jimmy and he gets arrested for illegal activities, when he got out of jail he disappeared. Sourlemina and Tessie move out and Desdemona gets taken care of because she doesn’t want to have any more kids so she doesn’t pass on the sin.

Desdemona doesn’t want anymore marrying within the family so she tries to hook Milton up with a Greek girl but he is too in love with Tessie. Tessie ends up marrying a seminarian at the Greek Church. Milton gets so upset that he enlists in the navy but soon realizes how scary and dangerous it is going to be when he is shipped overseas. Tessie believes to see Milton in the news and ends her relationship with Father Mike and wants to marry Milton. And the do eventually end up getting married. Aunt Zo ends up marrying Father Mike. Lefty starts loosing business because all the whites were moving out of Detroit and into the Suburbs. Milton comes home and helps Lefty clean up the bar and turn it into a diner. Lefty ends up gambling all of his retirement savings so him and Desdemona have to move in with Tessie, Milton, and Chapter...
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