Chapter Summaries for "CORN RAID" by James Lincoln Collier

Topics: Bankruptcy in the United States, English people, Kill Pages: 9 (1764 words) Published: March 12, 2004
Chapter 1

About: Richard Meets the Indian Boy


*Richard is working in the tobacco field when an Indian boy comes up and runs off with his hoe.

*Richard chases after the Indian boy when he corners him and they get into a fight.

*Laydon comes and breaks it up and takes the Indian boy named Weetoppin home with him.

Point: Metal stuff was valuable in those days.

Statement: I think Laydon will make Weetoppin work for him.

Chapter 2

About: Laydon Brings Home Weetoppin


*They get home and they meet Susan.

*Susan asks what happened and Richard tells her that he got in a fight with Weetoppin because he stole the hoe. Then Laydon asks her to make dinner.

*At dinner, Laydon tells Weetoppin that he wants him to work for him, so they bargain and Weetoppin finally agrees to work for him for a knife, a blanket, a shirt, and some pants.

Point: Indians could live with English and English could live with Indians.

Statement: I think Weetoppin will run away.

Chapter 3

About: Weetoppin Gets Used to English Life


*Weetoppin and Richard work in the field, and they start to get to know each other.

*On Sunday, they go to church, but Weetoppin sleeps during most of it.

*After church, Henry Spofford comes up and talks to them and notices Weetoppin.

Point: Indians didn't like the English life, ways, or religion.

Statement: Richard will look for his Indenture paper.

Chapter 4

About: Weetoppin is Indentured


*Weetoppin's father comes and talks to Weetoppin. Then he goes into Laydon's house and comes out with a blanket and hatchet. Laydon then explains that Weetoppin has been indentured.

*Richard tries to talk Weetoppin into telling him what happened, but Weetoppin refuses. They go inside and Susan explains to them that Laydon went out and that they had to hack out stumps while he was gone.

*They go out and take out the smallest stump. Then Richard goes inside to tell Susan that they're going swimming. Susan also tells her why Laydon never whips her. Then Susan tells her that Weetoppin killed another Indian and that's why he can't go home.

Point: Indians could be indentured.

Statement: I think Weetoppin will try to kill Laydon.

Chapter 5

About: Richard Learns Why Weetoppin Killed the Indian Boy


*Richard is in shock when the person he has been working with for twelve hours a day is a murderer. But he thinks to himself that maybe it was an accident, and that he didn't mean to kill the Indian boy.

*They're swimming in the river when Richard hears a splash. He goes to look to see what it was and it turns out that it was Laydon's boat. When Laydon gets back, he knows that they we're swimming so he whips both of them.

*After being whipped, they go down to the river to wash out their cuts. After that, the just sat on the river bank watching the water go by. Then Richard says that he knows that he killed another Indian and so Weetoppin explains that he accidently shot an arrow at his best friend, so he then ran off to the English to be safe.

Point: It wasn't uncommon for a murder to take place in Virginia.

Statement: I think that the Weyanocks will find Weetoppin.

Chapter 6

About: Richard Looks for his Indenture Paper


*Since Laydon is out there squashing bugs with them all, it gives Richard a chance to look for his indenture paper every time its his turn to go get the water. But every time he goes he is unsuccessful.

*When the House of Burgesses opens, it gives Richard more time during the day to look for his paper, but again, he is unsuccessful.

*One day, Susan says that maybe there is no paper on Richard, but Richard didn't want to believe it. A couple of days later, Laydon comes home and says that the House of Burgesses is over for now because of sickness.

Point: With the House of Burgesses, people could govern themselves.

Statement: I think Richard will find his paper....
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