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1. In Chapter 1, How is Mr. Jones portrayed?
He is portrayed as a reckless alcoholic.
2. The animals who gather to hear Major`s speech each mirror a human trait. What trait is revealed in Clover? Boxer? Benjamin? Mollie? The cats? The dogs? What is significant about the pigs and the raven? Clover- she is very maternal

Boxer- he is strong and loyal
Benjamin- cynical, old, and wise
Mollie- she is very vain and self-absorbed
Cat- this animal is very lazy, played both sides of the fence, and has no convictions Dog- these animals are elitists who hated the rats and are intelligent Pigs- these animals are very intelligent and in charge

Raven- this animal symbolizes organized religion and nobody likes this animal 3. Why has Major called the meeting?
Major has called the meeting to tell about his dream and revolution and how bad humans are, he thinks he'll die soon. 4. What is the political statement that emerges from Major's dream? Major says that all animals will rebel because all people are evil; rebellion and freedom, man overworks and doesn't feed the animals. As long as the animals do work, they don't care if the animals die. 5. What was Major's warning to the animals?

He said to never exploit another animal and that all animals must be equal. 6. What evil human habits does Major warn the animals about? Major says for the animals to never wear clothes, drink alcohol, smoke tobacco, sleep in a bed, etc. Clothing ruins a sense of equality. 7. What was Major's description of the equality of animals?

It is pretty much the foundation of communism. All animals contribute according to talent and take only what they need. 8. What world does Major dream?
Major dreams of an earth without man.
9. Why does Orwell describe "Beasts of England" as "a stirring tune, something between "Clementine" and "La Cucuracha"?" Those are catchy tunes and they remember the catchy tune faster, "Beasts of England" is their "National Anthem." 10. Which animals learn the song quickly?

The pigs and the dogs learn the song quickly, they are the smartest. 11. How do the animals respond to the song?
The animals loved the song and sang it over and over, the song arouses comradery and unity, gives them motivation and purpose.


1. What happens to Major and what are the effects of his speech? Major died three days after he told of his dream, peacefully in his sleep. The book says that "Major's speech had given to the more intelligent animals on the farm a completely new outlook on life." So the more intelligent animals, but really all the animals, had more motivation to prepare for the upcoming Rebellion and had lots of secret meetings. 2. How does this mental outlook determine the smart animals' reaction? The more intelligent animals had a completely new outlook on life and knew that the Rebellion may not occur in their lifetime, but they still prepared for it. 3. How do the other animals respond to the new philosophy?

The other animals were kind of scared. They had been under the direction and "care" of Farmer Jones all their life and some of them thought that without him they would starve. Others wondered why they were concerned with something that may not happen until they die. Some wondered that "If this Rebellion is to happen anyway, what difference does it make whether we work for it or not?" 4. The pigs are recognized as the cleverest of all animals. What human traits are given to Snowball? Napoleon? Squealer? Snowball- pride

Napoleon- he always demanded things of people and believed in a communistic society, but he never pulled his weight Squealer- rhetoric, he was very persuasive
5. What was the pigs' major contribution to the Rebellion?
The pigs held meetings that contributed to the ideas of Animalism, and taught the other animals of the new philosophy. 6. What is the effect of Moses the Raven's tale of Sugarcandy...
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