Chapter One Book Report for Johnny Tremain by Esther Forbes

Topics: Family, Bible, Merchant Pages: 3 (1156 words) Published: November 27, 2011
Chapter One
Pages: 25
Part I
Main Idea: Along with many other young boys, Johnny is an apprentice for Mr. Lapham. Summary: In this chapter the narrator is telling about Johnny’s morning. He wakes up very early in the morning along with the other apprentices. Johnny does a lot more work than most of the other boys because he is stronger and works harder. When he is older Johnny wants to be a successful silversmith and he thinks that he will be more successful than his “master” Mr. Lapham. One of the other apprentices Dove doesn’t do the work that he supposed to do and Johnny does not like him. He always says that he’s going to kill Dove one day, and sometimes he’s kidding but sometimes he is serious. Literary Element: Setting: This story is taking place in a country home that is large enough to accommodate all of them, but the Laphams are not rich. Voice: I think that the morning is very hectic the way that the narrator describes it. I also think that Johnny shouldn’t be so mean to Dove and he should just tell Mr. Lapham that he is doing all the work. Connection: The hectic morning reminds me of the mornings in our house sometimes.

Part II
Main Idea: Mr. Lapham raises the kids up religiously.
Summary: Mr. Lapham is a Baptist preacher. In the morning Mr. Lapham asks one of the apprentices to read out of the bible. Mr. Lapham made Johnny swear to God that he he’d be more humble but Dove does something wrong with the spoons and Johnny has to report it to Mr. Lapham without sounding like he isn’t humble.

Literary Element: Legend: Johnny must read a story out of the bible about someone who wasn’t humble and that was Mr. Laphams way of teaching him a lesson. Voice: I think that it’s good that Mr. Lapham raises the boys and his grandchildren like his own and raises them up to be religious. I also think that it was a little out of hand for him to make Johnny read that story out of the bible because he was already being humble but now he just feels pressured....
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