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According to the article of Grace Melanie Lacamiento 2012 entitled Mobile apps could be huge export product for Phl, the tremendous growth of Smartphone usage in the country make the creation of mobile applications a lucrative option that local developers and start-up technopreneurs should look into. Alvin Gendrano, director of Microsoft Philippines Developers and Platform Group, said that now is a ripe opportunity for the creation of mobile applications. Software products such as games, musical content and applications, could be a huge export market for the Philippines. Even the lack of financial resources, he said that Filipino software engineers could start with a small team to take advantage of the demand for digital products in the global market along with other developers in advance countries. If we have more Filipino apps in the market, there is a chance that one will make it big. We dont have something similar to Angry Birds or Fruit ninja but once we have a Philippine application that is world renowned, then we would make it, he added. Chief executive officer Jerry Rapes there are different segments in the mobile application that developers could exploit. They must consider developing apps for lifestyle, entertainment, enterprises, healthcare and gaming. He further said that success in the industry depends on the skills, determination and passion to build software products. You have to work more, fail more, and produce more. Dont be scared of failing since failure gives you higher opportunity towards success. Software development doesnt need a lot of investment. It requires whats within your brain


and your passion, he said.1
This article discussed how Filipino developers can contribute to the fast growing development of mobile application because of the trends on mobile application. It also discussed that the success in developing software product depends on the skills and determination and passion of the developer. With this proposed application this will help the researcher to upgrade his programming language and gain knowledge in developing a mobile application that can contribute to fast growing mobile apps in the Philippines.

From the article of anonymous writer from the internet, 2009 entitled Using Mobile Phones as Teachers in The Philippines Twenty public elementary schools in Ilagan Isabela Philippines are now capable of accessing interactive multimedia educational videos through the use of mobile phones. Text2Teach is a program that makes use of mobile technology so that schools can have access to rich multimedia videos. It aims to improve the quality of teaching in grades 5 and 6 in public elementary schools by providing highly interactive, easy to use multimedia packages designed to help make learning more exciting and meaningful among students. Using a Nokia N95 8GB mobile phone, 387 interactive, educational videos in math, science, and English are pre-loaded into the phones for the teachers to choose from. A teacher simply plugs the phone into a TV and plays the video lesson for the day in the classroom for the students to enjoy and learn from. The 3 to 5-minute educational videos created for the project bring these subjects to life, illustrating key concepts, skills, and competencies that students are expected to master. These video lesson plans also help make teachers’ lives easier and are compliant with the Basic Education Curriculum. In the future, additional educational videos will be


developed and these will be accessed by the schools using Globe’s 3G technology.2 The article describe the use of mobile phone of elementary schools in Ilagan Isabela Philippines in accessing interactive multimedia educational videos to bring the subject to life, illustrating key concepts, skills, and competencies that students are expected to master and to improve the quality of education, it also help the teaching and the...
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