Chapter II- related study to orange peel extract as mosquito repellent

Topics: Mosquito, Lemon, DEET Pages: 1 (115 words) Published: November 11, 2014
Chapter II

Related Studies

According to Vargas S, she conducted a study entitled “ Effectiveness of Lemon and Orange Peel as Insect Repellent”. Lemon and Orange peel are good for our body and skin. Lemon peel contains Vitamin C and Citric acid which are good for our skin while an orange peel also contains Vitamin C. It’s said that mosquitoes and gnats are either repulsed by either scent. The essential oils that can be extracted from lemon and orange peel are the one that makes mosquitoes fly away. Effective insect repellents can protect you from serious mosquito diseases- West Nile Virus, St. Louis Encephalitis, etc. and tick-borne diseases- Lyme diseases, Rocky Mountaion Spotted Fever, etc.
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