Chapter Analysis: A Sand County Almanac

Topics: Aldo Leopold, Wilderness, Natural environment Pages: 4 (1410 words) Published: December 9, 2005
Cory Graham
Wilderness, from A Sand County Almanac by Aldo Leopold
GEOG 111 Section 004
December 2, 2005
In this chapter titled "Wilderness," the author is discussing how man has tampered with what was originally created by Mr. Almighty, named wilderness. He is also discussing issues surrounding the preservation, adversaries, exhaustion, and the breaking down of wilderness for the transportation and industrialization of today's society. The author mentioned how some certain values of wilderness should be preserved that can be lost and never found. The author argues, some parts of wilderness many of us will be able to view, but things like prairie flowers by the thousands, virgin pineries of the Lake States, and huge hardwoods shall never be seen again. Mr. Leopold speaks about the shrinking coastlines, a category of wilderness. Coastlines have a special place in history and they are disappearing the most rapidly. He talks about how National Parks and Forests need to be handled with care since there are a limited supply left, for the people to view. Early and recent developments like the fishing resort and the separation of National Forest from State forest in Minnesota, have threatened the disintegration of some areas. Tourist roads and public highways move in on federal areas reserved for the beautiful views, and are starting to take over. The author talks about how during war times the shortage of lumber was a gateway for new roads to clear out the trees, but now ski-resorts are built where wilderness use to reside. He also states that Canada and Alaska have wilderness areas that have never been named and should stay like that as long as possible. Wilderness for recreation has annihilated numerous acres of wilderness for games and athletic sports. In the early days wilderness was only used to support family's and pioneer's travel, but now simple sport has taken over rivers, lakes, streams and natural public wilderness.

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