Chapter 9 A.P U.S History

Topics: Andrew Jackson, President of the United States, Supreme Court of the United States Pages: 2 (656 words) Published: December 4, 2013
Chapter 9 Essay

Although President Jackson was a champion of democracy and egalitarianism, there are some instances where he takes advantage of his presidential powers and uses him for his own benefits and beliefs and not for the good of the country. President Jackson did a lot of good for the early Democratic Party though. He helped expand voting and focused on destroying monopolies like the national bank that he believed were harming the nation. He did however take manners into his own hands at times. For instance disregarding Supreme Court rulings. Enacting Military action on a state and Vetoing bills like the Maysville road that would’ve helped the union, but since he didn’t approve he vetoed it. President Jackson did a fantastic job of expanding democracy. In his presidency he expanded the amount of voters from 27% in the election of 1824 to 58% in 1828 and by 1840 80% of adult white males were voting. Jackson thoroughly believed in “equal protection and equal benefits”, and that is the form of government he wanted. During Jackson’s administration he believed in taking powers away from the rich and giving the common man more of it. In the Picture “Jackson Tramples on the Constitution” he is depicted as a monarchial king who tramples on the constitution and is called King Andrew the First. (Document A). This is because the opposing political party the Whigs wanted to keep power in the hand of the rich to create a more stable form of government and by Jackson vetoing the bill they thought he was abusing his Presidential Powers. Furthermore there were some instances where Jackson did abuse his political powers by blatantly disregarding the Constitution. In the case Worcester vs. Georgia. Cherokee Indians fought for their right to control their land which was roughly ¼ the size of Georgia. “We have a perfect and original right to remain in our lands without interruption or molestation.” (Document B) Georgia fought to have them removed saying that they were...
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