chapter 9 documents

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Chapter 9 documents

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1. What specific prescriptions for social life do these selections contain? Notice in particular those directed toward the weakest members of society. How would you describe the Quran’s view of a good society? These selections contain the idea that society is supposed have people that wish good onto others and speak to others and about others in a kind way. Society is expected to be in constant prayer and also expected to contribute to charity. The Quran sets up basic guidelines for the people on marriage, god, etc. The attitude towards the weak members of society is good; there are plenty of statements regarding being nice to the poor and unfortunate ones. Their view of a good society is one that other nations should adopt because it promotes the good treatment of others.

2. What attitudes toward non-Muslims do these passages suggest? These passages suggest that the Muslims accept non-Muslims and do not commence war against them. The quote, “For oppression is even worse than killing” really exemplifies the attitude of accepting non-Muslims and do not alienate them. Basically, Muslims should still speak kindly to those who do not share the same beliefs.

3. What circumstances surrounding the birth of Islam might help to explain the references in the Quran to fighting and warfare? The birth of Islam started a fairly new religion and warfare was commonplace. So, the Holy Wars might help to explain the references in the Quran to fighting and warfare. For example, if someone were to threaten Islam and Allah’s teachings, then the Quran gives the authority to Muslims to fight in God’s cause. Fighting and warfare was common in this region during this time frame so it was important for the Quran to establish some guidelines for its followers.

4. The sacred texts of all religious traditions provide ample room for conflicting understandings and interpretations. What debates or...
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