Chapter 9 Check Out

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Chapter Nine

Check Out

Hotel Statistics

Hotel room sold 575
Room available 630
Revenue - $43,125







Identify functions and procedures related to
the check-out and settlement process
Describe methods of settlement for guest
Explain why hotels may charge late check-out
Describe express check-out and self checkout procedures
Explain elements of an effective billing and
collection process.
Explain how managers use guest history files

(three factors)

Resolves outstanding guest account

Updates room status information

Verifies/authorizes method of payment
Resolves discrepancies in account
From O _ _ _ _ _ _ _ to O_ - _ _ _ _ _ _

Creates guest history records

Database for strategic marketing

Departure Procedures

Inquire about additional, recent charges
Posting outstanding charges
Verify account information
Present the guest folio
Verify the method of payment
Process the account payment
Check for mail, messages, and faxes
Check for safe deposit box or in-room safe keys
Secure the room key/keycard
Update the room’s status
Inquire about the guest’s stay and experience

Methods of settlement

Cash payment in full
 Guest account to zero balance
Credit card transfer
 Moves account balance from guest ledger to
credit card company account in city ledger
 Payment is received from credit card company
 Credit card company collects payment from
card holder
Direct billing transfer
 Moves account balance from guest ledger to
city ledger
 Hotel responsible for billing and collection

Late Check-out

What is a late check-out?
What needs to be looked when a
guest asked for a late check?
Post notices on back of door and in
prominent location at front desk

Late check-out fees

Check-out Options

Express check-out
Self check-out

Updates room status
Prints account folio (ATM)
Creates guest history
Can review folio at any time during

Unpaid Accounts

Some guest forget
Non / semi automated hotels
Ask guests

City Ledger Accounts
(Accounting Department)

Credit card billings
Direct billings
Travel agency accounts
Bad check accounts
Skipper accounts
Disputed bills
Guaranteed reservation accounts
Late charge accounts
House accounts

Account Collection

Policy and procedures (acct‘g / F/O)
Accounts receivable billings
Process started early better payment
Own policy – aggressive / lenient
Collection based on size of property
Polite / backup
Groups / Direct bill
Referred back to department

Accounts Aging

30 Days
60 Days
90+ Days

Guest History

Folio and registration card
Brand loyalty
Collect special dates / times


How would the front desk minimize
late check outs?
What would be two alternatives to
checking out at the front desk?
A guest forgets to pay this is called?
Charges found after guests have
checked out are called? What does
the hotel do with these charges?


Three procedures that need to be done
during the departure process?
Guest history – what would you do with
this information?
What are three methods of settlement
at the front desk? How are they different
from each other? What affect does each
have on the guest ledger and the city

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