Chapter 8 Product,services and branding

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Principles of Marketing
Chapter 8
Product, Services, and Branding


Product, Services, and Branding Strategy
Topic Outline

• What Is a Product?
• Product and Services Decisions
• Branding Strategy: Building Strong
• Services Marketing

What Is a Product?
Products, Services, and Experiences

Product is anything that can be offered in a market for
attention, use, or consumption that might satisfy a
need or want.
• Apple IPod, Toyota, Caffé Mocha at Starbucks
Service is a form of product that consists of activities,
benefits, or satisfactions offered for sale that are
essentially intangible and do not result in ownership
• Advice from your family Doctor, banking, hotel, airline


What Is a Product?
Products, Services, and Experiences

Product is the key element in the overall market offering. This offering becomes the basis upon which the company builds profitable relationships with customers.

A company’s market offering often includes both tangible goods and intangible services

To differentiate their offers, beyond simply making products and delivering services, they are creating and managing experience with their products or services.

Experiences have always been important in the entertainment industry (Disney).

Companies that market experience realize that customers are really buying much more than just products and services. They are buying what those offers will do for them.

What Is a Product?
Levels of Product and Services

• Product planners need to think about
products and services on three levels:
1. Core benefits
2. Actual product
3. Augmented product


What Is a Product?
Levels of Product and Services
1. Core benefits

The most basic level
Addresses the question what is the buyer really buying?
When designing products, marketers must first define
the core, problem-solving benefits or services that
consumer seek.

People who buy BlackBerry are buying more than a wireless
mobile phone, e-mail and web-browsing device, or personal
organizer. They are buying freedom and on-the-go
connectivity to people and resources.

Represent what the buyer is really buying

What Is a Product?
Levels of Product and Services
2. Actual product

Developing product and service features, design, a
quality level, a brand name, and packaging.

The BlackBerry is an actual product. Its name, parts
styling, features, and packaging have all been combined
carefully to deliver the core benefits of staying connected.

Represents the design, brand name, and
packaging that delivers the core benefit to the

What Is a Product?
Levels of Product and Services
3. Augmented product

Product planner must build an augmented product
around the core benefits.

A BlackBerry must offer more than just a communication
device. It must provide consumers with a complete
solution to mobile connectivity problems. They must give
a warranty on parts, instructions on how to use the
device, quick repair service when needed and web site to
use if they have problems.

Represents additional services or benefits of the
actual product.

What is a product?


What Is a Product?
Product and Service Classifications


What Is a Product?
Product and Service Classifications

• Consumer products are products and services for
personal consumption
• Products can be classified by how consumers buy

Convenience products
Shopping products
Specialty products
Unsought products


What Is a Product?
Product and Service Classifications

Convenience products are consumer products
and services that the customer usually buys
frequently, immediately, and with a minimum
comparison and buying effort.
 Price: low
 Distribution: Anywhere
 Promotion: Mass promotion by producer
 Examples: Newspapers, Candy, Fast...
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