Chapter 7 Case Project 7 1

Topics: Coaxial cable, T-carrier, Wide area network Pages: 1 (276 words) Published: April 16, 2015
Project 7-1
I calculated the mileage between the offices and here are the results: Baton Rouge, LA - Seattle, WA (2600mi); Baton Rouge, LA - Phoenix, AZ (1400mi); Baton Rouge, LA - Boston, MA (1500mi). I will start with WAN topoly: In this case I will choose the tiered topology WAN, where the sites connected in star or ring formations are interconnected at different levels, with the interconnection points being organized into layers to form hierarchical groupings. Variations on this topology abound. Indeed, flexibility makes the tiered approach quite practical. A network architect can determine the best placement of top-level routers based on traffic patterns or critical data paths. In addition, tiered systems allow for easy expansion and inclusion of redundant links to support growth. On the other hand, their enormous flexibility means that creation of tiered WANs requires careful consideration of geography, usage patterns, and growth potential. DSL is a WAN connection and it operates over the PSTN and competes directly with ISDN and T1 services, as well as broadband cable services. However I would choose the symmetric technology of DSL connection, because we need to provide a fast and reliable connection between workers home offices and regional offices to exchange e-mail and large files. Project 7-2

The head office is connected with all the regional offices using T-carrier transmission (T1 and T3). The regional offices are connected with 150 home working employees using DSL connection (using symmetrical transmission). As medium we are using Splitter, DSL modem, Workstation and phone. Also we will use coaxial cable and RJ45 jacks. For T1 transmission we are using the Router with internal CSU/DSU and multiplexer.
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