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The Summary of Findings, Conclusions and Recommendation
Based on the information presented in this feasibility study, it is recommended that the oyster mushroom chips business be pursued. The findings of this feasibility study show that the proposed business did not suffer any losses in the first four years of their operations. Summary of Findings

This part summarizes the findings that were garnered in the whole duration of the feasibility study. The Marketing Aspect
1. The business opportunities are the target market’s growing interest in healthy food, a growing demand for high quality food, and the availability of raw materials. On the other hand, the threats the business can offer are: competitors that are established for many years who provide the same kind of product; natural calamities that can cause delays on the operations’, and changes in the price of the raw materials. 2. The factors involved that could affect the demand condition would be the image of the product. Other factors that could affect the demand condition would be the taste preference of the consumers towards crispy food chips and the competition that cannot be prevented from happening. The factors involved in affecting the supply condition are: the cost of production, natural calamities, defective machineries, insufficient knowledge in upgrading or improving production, spoilage of raw materials, and unplanned production goods. 3. The target markets for the product are the young adults to adults, the men and women, the individuals, parents, students and employees, who are fond of eating chips. Another market are those who seek finger food or snacks which are good for one’s health. 4. The selling price of the product on its first year of operations will be ₱ 35.00. 5. The product will be distributed to the consumer by means of the nearby supermarkets, groceries, and convenient stores. 6. The proponents will use intensive advertising in social networking sites and other internet sites. The proponents will advertise the product through facebook and twitter page. Such ads will be relatively free and it will be easier to reach the target market. The proponents also considered using stickers and mini-tarpaulins posted through public vehicles. With that, the product will be easily recognized by the consumers because of its widespread promotions. The Management Aspect

1. The project originators of the business are the proponents, namely: Axle Ann V. Dimayuga (Marketing Officer), Nikko G. Fabros (Capitalist), Amelia D. Ignacio (General Manager), Jaycee Anne P. Mendoza (Contoller), Pristine Primrose M. Romandi (Capitalist) and Maecy B. Tapec (Production Officer). The partners’ contribution will be Php 300,000 for the three silent partners, and Php 200,000 for the marketing officer, general manager and production officer. 2. The time table of activities for the proposed business will start on June 2014, for the preparation for doing the feasibility study and the start of the operations of the business which will be on June 2015. 3. The proponents chose to operate the business by means of a partnership. This form of ownership was considered because its primary purpose is to establish, generate, and divide the profits among the partners equally, in accordance with the partnership agreement and provisions of the law. 4. The business will undergo registration for it to be legal. Proponents will secure a mayor’s permit and building permit. The business will register at DTI, SEC, SSS, BIR, DOLE, DOH and BFAD. 5. The annual compensation for 2016 will be Php 1,822,260.00; for 2017, it will be Php 1,876,927.80; for 2018, it will be Php 1,933,235.63; for 2019, it will be Php 1,991,232.70; and for 2020, it will be Php 2,050,969.68. 6. The business will be hiring 10 persons. It will hire three workers to be responsible for the production. A general manager, undoubtedly one of the partners, will be paid to supervise the production officer, and...

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