Chapter 6 Review Questions

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Chapter 6 Review Questions

1. What are the necessary hardware components of a POS system? What are the varieties of each component?
The necessary hardware components of a POS system are POS order entry units & POS printers. The varieties of each component are:
POS order entry units:
Keyboards & monitors
Touchscreen terminals
Handheld terminals
POS printers:
Guest check printers
Receipt printers
Workstation units
Journal printers

2. How do preset keys differ from PLU keys?
Preset keys are part of the POS system keyboard programmed to maintain the price, descriptor, department, tax, & inventory status of a menu item. PLU keys are part of the POS system keyboard that operates like a preset key, except that it requires the user to identify menu item by its reference code number (up to 5 digits) rather than by its name or descriptor.

3. What functions do modifier & number keys perform?
Modifier keys allow servers to relay preparation instructions to remote workstation printers or monitors located in food & beverage production departments. Number keys can be used to ring up menu items by price, access PLU data by menu item code number, record the number of items sold, & perform other data entry operations.

4. How can a customer display unit on a POS terminal enhance management’s internal control system?
Customer display units allow mangers to spot check cashier activities.

5. What are 2 important features available for traditional guest check printers?

6. What information might be found on a guest’s payment card?
Data typically includes cardholder name, account number, & account expiration date.

7. How are guest checks opened & closed within a POS system?
An open system involves acceptance of bank-sponsored credit card & debit card transactions. A closed system relies on pre-payment, direct payment, or stored value payment at select point-of-sale locations supported by the issuer.

8. What types of data are kept by the major files maintained by POS systems?

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