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Chapter 6 Discussion Questions
2. Explain how the process view of an organization is likely to uncover the need for greater cross-functional cooperation. The process view allows an organization to analyze the sequence of processes or steps used in converting inputs into outputs. Since the processes cut across different functional department, the process view emphasizes the cross-functional nature of decision making. It also illustrates that functions must make a hand-off from one another in executing the processes and allow greater coordination.

4. Provide a definition of a bottleneck. Why is it important to find the bottleneck? A bottleneck is a resource that limits the capacity of the entire system. The bottleneck is found by taking minimum of the capacity of all the resources required in the process. The resource with the minimum capacity is called the bottleneck.

It is important to find the bottleneck, since it limits the capacity of the entire system. Additional output from the bottleneck will provide more output from the system provided demand and supply are not constraining the system.

6. Explain why it might be useful to analyze the flow of materials and the flow of control information together, at the same time. If materials flow is analyzed alone, management control of the new process may be insufficient or lacking If control information is analyzed alone, materials flow may still be inefficient or ineffective. Improvement of both information and materials flows results in synergistic effects between the two flows.

8. Why is it important to define the system of interest before embarking on improvement? Give three reasons. A. To identify the components of the system that will be affected by improvement. B. To determine better answers to the questions of what, who, where, when and how in analyzing the process for improvement since these questions pertain not only to process but also the other components of the system C. To be able to...
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