Chapter 5 Reading Outline

Topics: Slavery, Thirteen Colonies, African slave trade Pages: 4 (1024 words) Published: January 11, 2015
Chapter 5 apush outline
I. Conquest by the cradle
1. Population growth: in 1700 contained fewer than 300,000 people (20,000 of them were black) by 1775 2.5 million people inhabited the 13 colonies (Half 1 million were black) 2. Political consequences: in 1700 there were 20 English subjects for each American colonists. By 1775 the English advantage and numbers had fallen to 3:1. This set a shift in balance of power between the colonies and Britain. 3. Cities: East of the Alleghenies was where the majority of the population was at. By 1775 a vanguard of pioneers went into Tennessee and Kentucky. In 1775 Virginia, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Maryland were the most populous colonies. About 90% of people lived in rural areas II. A mingling of races

1. Germans:
-Motives for immigration: flee religious persecution, economic oppression, and the ravages of war -Region they settled in: Pennsylvania
-Impact on region: many of the region spoke German and stuck to their German customs -Occupations/talents: splendid stone barn makers
2. The Scots-Irish:
-Motives for immigration: the Irish Catholics were hating on the Scottish Presbyterian and the economic life of the Scots-Irish was hampered especially when the English government placed burdensome restrictions on their production of linens and woolens. -Region they settled in: Pennsylvania but then went to the backcountry of Pennsylvania, the Carolinas, and Georgia. -Impact on region: They built farms and towns that had floorless houses. -Occupations/talents: Whiskey and distilling

3. Other immigrant groups: French Huguenots, Welsh, Dutch, Swedes, Jews, Irish, Swiss, and Scott highlanders 4. Largest non- English group: African 20% of colonial population concentrated in the south. 5. The south holding 90% of the slaves, displayed its historic black and white racial composition. These various immigrant groups mingled and intermarried. The African slave trade gave birth to an...
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