Chapter 5 great gatsby

Topics: Weather, Anxiety, Turning Point Pages: 2 (905 words) Published: December 6, 2013
How does Fitzgerald tell the story in Chapter 5?
In Chapter 5 Nick organises a get together at his house for Gatsby and Daisy to meet again and Nick deliberately asks Daisy not to bring Tom. Once at Gatsby’s house they endure an awkward greeting, but then Gatsby gives them a tour, displaying his possessions and takes particular care showing off his expensive, imported clothes. Fitzgerald uses Chapter 5 as an important turning point for Gatsby and Daisy, Fitzgerald uses setting to emphasis and focus on the relationship between them both and the change of scene. At the beginning of the meeting when they initially assemble there is a very tense and awkward atmosphere which can be seen when it says ‘a pause; it endured horribly’ which further exaggerates how neither of them know what to say, or how to act with each other. Although once Gatsby invites Nick and Daisy to his house, you can clearly see Gatsby and Daisy’s relationship growing stronger. Gatsby is immediately more confident and greets them with a bold greeting ‘Oh, hello, Old Sport’ like he hadn’t seen me for years’ This is returning to Gatsby’s constant repetition of ‘old sport’ showing how he is back to his normal self. Fitzgerald could be doing this to show how Gatsby is more confident when he is in his own house and space. He’s more relaxed as he’s surrounded by his own luxuries which you see him desperately try to impress Daisy with. You can see how Daisy warms to him as it nears the end of the night, Daisy is even sobbing at ‘the beautiful shirts’. Fitzgerald uses this to show how Daisy and Gatsby’s relationship is reignited and also show us that Gatsby has these extravagant parties to share his luxuries. Fitzgerald uses weather and pathetic fallacy to carry us along the chapter and further exaggerate the fading awkwardness to a place where Gatsby and Daisy can relive their love for each other. At first Nick makes it clear that ‘the day agreed upon pouring rain’ and he uses this visual senses...
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