chapter 5

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Chapter Five

Society lays out all the behaviors, influences, ideas, and attitudes for every individual. If we were born in a different society it would create a totally different person. Our lives, ideas, values, and goals would all be different from the life we are living today.

For example, if we were raised in a hunting and gathering society or nomads. Our food would consist of hunting animals and gathering plants to eat. We would depend on our spouses, the males to hunt for large animals. As a wife or the woman, I would be expected to gather plants with the children and hunt small animals on my own. The idea of our society is that men are who supply the meat and the women help contribute the most by collecting food.

Like most hunting and gathering societies we are composed of twenty to forty members. Having small nomadic groups allows us to hunt and gather evenly across the society. To help obtain food for my family we rely on a spiritual force called shaman. Soon enough the food supply begins to decrease and it is time to migrate. We do not plant, we only gather and hunt what is given to us by the shaman. While living in our society and especially migrating it is hard for our young members of the society to survive. About half of the members are able to survive the conditions, disease, and lack of water.

Since hunting and gathering societies migrate frequently it is hard for us to obtain material possessions. We have no rulers or leaders in our group, which means that we make group discussions together. That puts all the members of the society in the same social class.

Unlike hunting and gathering societies I am not required to hunt animals and gather plants for meals. In my society, to obtain food I have many choices, I can go to the grocery store, or go to a restaurant. I still have the choice to hunt and gather but it is not common. Today there are about three hundred of these groups today but the hunting and gathering societies...
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