Chapter 5

Topics: French and Indian War, Seven Years' War, United States Pages: 3 (1068 words) Published: August 25, 2013
Chapter 6
BIG QUESTION: How did a war fought jointly by the colonists and British help pave the road the American Revolution? Use PERSIA to help in analyzing this question.
The war against the French helped bring the colonies closer together. The Albany Congress brought up the idea of uniting the colonies to help them succeed in the future. By uniting, the colonies had a better chance of being able to take on the British in a war. There were a few mistakes made by the British that also lead to the Revolution. After the Treaty of Paris, the British taxed the colonies for the cost of the war. The colonies did not like this idea, being it as a punishment for kicking the French out. Another mistake was not letting the colonies move out past the Appellation Mountains. The colonists fought to get more land and expand further inland. With the British not letting them move, it built up more hostility towards the British. The differences between New France and New England is that the English colonies where much larger in population then the French colonies. The French colonies tolerated no other religions except catholic. The English colonists depended on themselves and had a large economy. Eventually the small French population was no match for the British colonies. The French established the area of New Orleans because it was a good port for trading. They also established this to block the Spanish from the Gulf of New Mexico. The port of New Orleans also played a big part in the economy because of all the trading. In 1754 Washington agreed to carry a letter from the governor to the French commander of the forts. Governor Dinwiddie believed that the French were violating the treaty and were expanding over there territory. The french did not act well with the mission but it was a very successful mission for Washington. Franklins Join or die poster was basically saying they needed to come together as a nation. At this point they were very separated but the only way to...
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