Chapter 4 Great Gatsby Analysis

Topics: Automobile, F. Scott Fitzgerald Pages: 3 (840 words) Published: May 7, 2013
How does Fitzgerald tell the story in Chapter 4
Fitzgerald opens the chapter with more rumours around the infamous Mr Gatsby that we still know little about, such as 'he once killed a man', we met him briefly in the previous chapter but still find him mysterious, as even Jordan ,who claimed to know him didn't believe he was' an oxford man'. Nicks own perception of the character is not fixed as he juxtaposes between flattery and resentment. Nick goes on to name and describe all the characters he has met whom had visited Gatsby, the array of ages and backgrounds of these people only further our frustration to comprehend Gatsby as we cannot place him within any structured group of relation.

Nick narrates how Gatsby appears at his doorstep and shows off his car, the input of the car shows Fitzgerald subtly placing significance on it, foreshadowing the death of Myrtle. Nick's detailed description of the car furthers its significance but illustrates the materialism that it contains with 'green seat leathers' green symbolic of money itself. Gatsby then pursues to clear the rumour regarding his history when exclaiming how he was 'educated in oxford' however, even here Fitzgerald makes it apparent how Nick does not trust Gatsby, telling how he 'swallowed' his words, even wondering if there was something 'sinister' in him. As Gatsby reveals his war hero status Nick narrates how he was 'surprised' when he sees the medal is 'realistic'. Upon seeing pictures of Gatsby 'by the church spires' in Oxford Nick remarks on 'how it was all true'. It would therefore appear Nick is beginning to trust Gatsby and disbelieve the contradicting rumours around him. Through Nicks narration we learn of Gatsby's ambiguous authority when he is able to wave off a policeman simply because 'he did him a favour once' however, the lack of conversation between the pair suggests that the favour was not something out of kindness, because if it were friendly the two would obviously spark...
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