Chapter 4 checkpoint questions

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Chapter 4: The Tissue Level of Organization Checkpoint Questions
1. Define histology: Histology is the study of tissues
2. List the four basic types of tissues in the body:
a. Epithelial tissue
b. Connective tissue
c. Muscle tissue
d. Neural tissue
3. List five important characteristics of epithelial tissue: a. The cells are bound closely together
b. A free surface exposed to the environment or internal chamber/passageway c. Attachment to underlying connective tissue by a basement membrane d. The absence of blood vessels
e. Continual regeneration of epithelial cells that are damaged or lost at the exposed surface 4. Identify four essential functions of epithelial tissue:
a. Provide physical protection
b. Control permeability
c. Provide sensation
d. Produce specialized secretions
5. Identify the three main types of epithelial intercellular connections: a. Tight junctions
b. Gap junctions
c. Desmosomes
6. What physiological functions are enhanced by the presence of microvilli or cilia on epithelial cells? The presence of microvilli on the free surface of epithelial cells greatly increases the surface area for absorption. Cilia function to move materials over the surface of epithelial cells. 7. Identify the three cell shapes characteristic of epithelial cells: a. Squamous: thin and flat

b. Cuboidal: cube like
c. Columnar: tall and slender
8. Using a light microscope, you examine a tissue and see a simple squamous epithelium on the outer surface. Can this be a sample of the skin surface? No. a simple squamous epithelium does not provide enough protection against infection, abrasion, and dehydration. The surface has a stratified squamous epithelium. 9. Name the two primary types of glandular epithelia:

a. Endocrine glands
b. Exocrine glands
10. The secretory cells of sebaceous glands fill with secretions and then rupture, releasing their contents. Which mechanism of secretion...
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