chapter 34

Topics: Employment, Labor law of the United States, Minimum wage Pages: 2 (899 words) Published: February 24, 2015
34-1 Union Labor Practices
Issue: What are the terms for collect collective bargaining?

Rule of Law: Under Collective Bargaining, an employer and union must act in good faith and not change wages or terms and conditions of employment during the bargaining process.

Application + conclusion: While consolidated stores was undergoing a unionization campaign, the management swayed the employees to reject the union by increasing their wages and providing them bonuses. Under collective bargaining, that is unfair labor practice because the management is interfering with the unionization campaign.

34-2 Wrongful discharge
Issue: What constitutes a wrongful discharge and when dealing with safety who is the federal agency to turn to for help?

Rule of law: When an employee is discharged wrongfully they have a right to bring an action to the company and when dealing with safety they can contact the Occupational Safety and Health Act for help.

Application + conclusion: While Denton and Carlo were employed at an appliance plant, they were asked to perform a task that involved climbing on a mesh wire twenty feet above the plant floor. Other employees had fallen and one had died while performing the same task. Denton and Carlo refused to perform the task and were fired. Denton and Carlo were wrongfully discharged because they were asked to perform a dangerous task that had already been proven to be dangerous. They can turn to OSHA for help since various employees have been hurt already and file a violation.

34-3 Employment at will
Issue: When and employee is an employee at will, what protects them from being terminated?

Rule of law: An employee at will may terminate their employment at any time for any reason unless doing so violates an employee’s contractual rights

Application+conclusion: Thomas Ellis signed an at will employment as a director for Blue sky charter school from July 1 to June 30. There was a provision in the agreement for an automatic...
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