Chapter 22 Exile in Dapitan

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Rizal lived in dapitan, a remote town in Mindanao which was under the missionary jurisdiction of Jesuits from 1893 to 1896. He practiced medicine, pursued scientific studies, continued his artistic and literary works, widened his knowledge of languages, and established a school for boys, promoted etc. BEGINNING OF EXILE IN DAPITAN

Rizal did not agree with the conditions given by Father Superior Pastells to Father Obach. He lived in the house of the commandant, Captain Carnicero. Rizal admired Carnicero and wrote a poem, A Don Ricardo Carnicero on August 26, 1892. WINS IN MANILA LOTTERY

Mail boat Butuan came on September 21, 1892 who brought lottery ticket no. 9736 , jointly owned by Captain Carnicero, Dr. Rizal and Francisco Equilior, won P20,000 in the Government-owned Manila Lottery. Rizal was a lottery addict; in Madrid from 1882 to 1885 he invested 3 pesetas every month in lottery tickets. Wenceslao E. Ratana, Rizal’s first Spanish biographer and former enemy stated that ”This was his only vice”. RIZAL- PASTELLS DEBATE ON RELIGION

This Started with a book sent from Father Pastells to Rizal by Sarda. Rizal revealed his anti-Catholic ideas. Blumentritt saying that he wanted to hit the friars but only those who utilize religion for power. Rizal could not be convinced by Pastell’s argument but they remained good friends. Father Pastell gave Rizal a copy of “Imitation of Christ” and Rizal gave a bust of St. Paul, which he had made, in return. Rizal remained catholic, his Catholicism inquires and enlightens the “Catholicism of Renan and Teilhard de Chardin”. RIZAL CHALLENGES A FRENCHMAN TO A DUEL

When Rizal heard Mr Juan Lardet insult the poor qulaity logs, he challenged the man to battle. Cranicero told the Frenchman to apologize rather than accept the challenge and so, the Frenchman did. RIZAL AND FATHER SANCHEZ

Father pastells instructed two Jesuits in Mindanao to try their best to bring back Rizal within the Catholic fold. Furthermore, he assigned Father Francisco de Paula Sanchez, Rizal’s favorite teacher at the Ateneo de Manila, to Dapitan. Fr. Sanchez was the only Spanish priest to defend Rizal’s Noli Me Tangere in public. Although he had given his efforts, Rizal could not be convinced. IDYLLIC LIFE IN DAPITAN

Rizal wrote to Blumentritt on December 19, 1893 which describes how he lives in Dapitan. He lives in three houses. His mother, sister Trinidad, his nephew and him lives in the square house. In the octagonal, he teaches arithmetic, Spanish and English to the good youngsters. In the hexagonal live the chickens. He says that he has boats, a lot of trees and animals which he takes care of. Half-past seven he eats breakfast and then later treats his patients who come to his land then go to town and treat the people there. Returns at 12 and eat lunch. At 4 P.M., he teaches the boys and devote the afternoon agriculture. And at night, he reads. RIZAL’S ENCOUNTER WITH THE FRIAR’S SPY

November 1894, Rizal met Pablo Mercado, a spy; The said spy visited rizal at his house on the night of November 3, 1893. Captain Juan Sitges ordered the arrest of the spy and instructed Anastacio Adriatico to investigate him. Pablo Mercado’s real name was Florencio Namanan from Cagayan de Misamis, Single and about 30 years old. The investigation papers was sent to General Blanco. Rizal wrote a letter to Manuel T. Hidalgo, his brother-in-law, on December 20, 1893 about the spy and had greeted him a Merry Christmas and a Happy new year. A PHYSICIAN IN DAPITAN

On August 1893, Rizal operated his mother’s right eye and was successful. He cured poor people and gave them tree medicine. He was baid by his rich patients particularly Don Ignacio Tumarong, who paid P3,000, Don Florencio Azacarra, who paid a cargo of sugar, and an English man who paid P500. Rizal studied medicinal plants of the Philippines. WATER SYSTEM FOR DAPITAN

He applied his knowledge of engineering by constructing a...
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