Chapter 22 Beauty Science and Spirit of Italian Art

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Chapter 22 Beauty Science and Spirit of Italian Art
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1. 2.

(Figure 22-36) His remarkable sense of color and his ability to convey light through color emerge in the altarpiece, Assumption of the Virgin. Who was this artist? How did Michelangelo's David become a political statement?

Titian Titian



The placement of figure near the west door of the Palazzo della Signoria It portrays informal intimacy. With stern watchfulness before the battle By the placement of Judas on the same side as Christ and the other Disciples the Parthenon He grouped the figures in threes and they all expressed the same emotion.

In the scene, Creation of Adam, from the Sistine Chapel ceiling God and Adam confront each other in the primordial void. Adam is part of the earth while the Lord transcends the earth. Which of the following interpretations best describes this depiction? Increasingly artists of the High Renaissance paid particular attention to the subject's personality and psychic state. This could also be said to describe the portraiture of which of the following artists? Leonardo painted the Virgin of the Rocks, and it is said this work is a masterpiece in expressing emotional states. He modeled the figures with light and shadow--a technique he learned from earlier works. Which 15th century Italian artist would have influenced Leonardo? Leonardo's style fully emerges in the cartoon, Virgin and Child with Saint Anne and the Infant Saint John. Which of the following describes this work? Michelangelo's fascination with the human body was a lifelong pursuit. In his David he presented a perfect body with an attuned mind, prepared and ready for action. Which of the following descriptions of this work would support this statement? Michelangelo's interest in urban planning can be seen in ___________. Of the following, who was one of the most important Roman patrons of Michelangelo? Paul III convened the Council of Trent in 1545. It was part of which of the following? Raphael's Galatea is described as a pagan myth represented in monumental form. Which of the following could also describe this work? Sansovino was succeeded as chief architect of the Venetian republic by __________. The dome Bramante designed for St. Peter's in Rome would have resembled which of the following?

the humanist interpretation of the event




How does the Portrait of the Artist's Sisters and Brother by Sofonisba Anguissola differ from her contemporaries? How has Michelangelo portrayed David?





In Leonardo's Last Supper, how did the artist break with traditional iconography?


The cartoon is ordered with pictorial logic and visual unity. It is a combination of Hellenistic excess and restrained emotion. the Palazzo del Tè Julius II



In Leonardo's Last Supper, the curved pediment above the head of Christ represents which of the following? In Leonardo's Last Supper, the numerous preparatory sketches and studies he made for the work indicate how carefully he thought about this work as a complete entity representing the entire story and its theme. Based on this which of the following would describe Leonardo's conceptualization of the figures from his Last Supper? In Raphael's Stanza della Segnatura, he reconciled the philosophies and teachings of Plato and Aristotle. Which of the following have also been reconciled? In Raphael's Stanza della Segnatura, which of the following two images represent Julius II? In the inner courtyard of the Palazzo del Tè, the architectural convention is so pronounced that it becomes a parody of classical design. Which of the following would describe this design?






Rome and Florence

the Hanseatic League It could be the poetry of the classical world. Michelangelo


the humanist interpretation of the event The function of the building necessitated the design.

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