Chapter 2 - Factors Affecting Violations of School Policies

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Definition of School Policies and Violation
According to Commission on Filipino Overseas (2000), school policies, rules and regulations are guidelines related to the internal governance of each of the Philippines school overseas, including their prescribed standards, as defined and approved by their respective governing bodies in accordance with law, and the applicable policies, rules and regulations of DECS and its counterpart in the host country

Collective adherence to school behavioral policies may increase social control and reduce disorganization, which may in turn contribute to a positive safety culture and reduced violence at school. Interventions to increase adherence to school policies are needed particularly during early adolescent school years.

All school officials, teachers and other employees or persons hired by the institution and all student leaders as well are persons in authority who are duty bound to enforce the school's rules and regulations.  Also in adherence to the principle of empowerment, all students are enjoined to take active part in ensuring that school rules and regulations are observed. A Disciplinary Board (DB) is convened to resolve disciplinary cases involving major offenses. The DB is composed of the Coordinator of the Student Affairs, Year Level Head Teacher and the Class Adviser of the student concerned.

Sanctions for violations can be oral warning or reprimand, written warning, suspension, community service, academic sanctions, disciplinary probation/serious disciplinary probation (DP and SDP), exclusion or dropping from the rolls and expulsion. Factors affecting violations of school policies

Wilma Guez and John Allen (2000) conducted a module entitled “Behavior Modification”, prepared in Uganda, and states that school is one of the roots that causes of certain behavior. Beside the family, the school has probably the most important socializing influence on children and young people. You need...

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