Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

Review of Related Literature and Studies

2.1 Related Literature

William Fulbright (1999) The Fulbright Program, including the Fulbright-Hays Program, is a program of highly competitive, merit-based grants for international educational exchange for students, scholars, teachers, professionals, scientists and artists.

Computers commonly used by companies, agencies, organizations and educational institutions and also at home and offices. The data storage is considered the heart of information center by (Kendall and Kendall, 1999).

According to Jeries and Allen (1998) surveyed 258 random families in Iowa to investigate satisfaction and dissatisfaction with financial management. Using regression analysis, they found the financial preparedness for small emergencies to be the most important variable explaining satisfaction with financial management.

Kroenke (2002) in this sense, the term is used to refer not only to the information and communication technology and organization users, but also to the way in which people interact with this technology and support the business processes

According to (2003) enrolment is the process of entering and verifying data of students to register on a particular school. Different interrelated processes build up enrolment procedures called Enrolment System (ES). ES are used particularly in recording and retrieving student information.

ArindamSarkar (2003) The Student Profiling System has been developed to override the problems prevailing in the manual practice system. The system is supported to eliminate and in some cases reduced the hardships faced by the existing system. It is designed to accept the attendance of each Student in the organization, thus computation of salary is auto-generated. The system is built to generate individual pay slip and summary of the payroll. It also has an option to generate the report for Provident Fund. According to Emmanuel M. bole (2000) there are four phases that are involved in developing the aforementioned study namely log-in, input, verification and output. Of these phases, the researcher plans on adopting the idea of log-in. The log-in phase collects the valid accounts from the Student and the corresponding password. Once stored, when a Student plans on viewing their account, the database will make a comparison for the password and account name entered to the one that is stored in the database. The procedure on verifying the password and account name of the Student is of great consideration in developing the proposed study. EmrahTufan (2005) Today, using a database is an effective way of data management. The relational database management system can be a good one for parcel related data. However, when the information system concept is considered, just relational database management system is not enough. Some tools are needed in order to manipulate the data in the relational database management system. Object oriented analysis and design is a good choice to develop these tools. Dominick Bove (2001) with the help of scholarship studies can be completed and many academic goals achieved by the students. Different students have different requirements regarding the field of education, their level of financial crunch and many other factors.

2.2 Conceptual Framework


Figure 1 The Schematic diagram on Input, Process

2.3 Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD)

2.4 Flowchart




2.5.1 Data Flow Diagram Old Student

Student info. Scholarship info

Check Scholarship
Update student recordRecordStudent Scholarship Record

Scholarship Certification

2.5.2 Data Flow Diagram New Student...
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