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Chapter 2
This chapter presents the research design, participants, research instruments, data gathering procedure and data analysis.

Research Design
This study employed both quantitative and qualitative approaches in research. The research design used in the study was descriptive survey. It was considered appropriate because the study describe the conditions affecting the level of oral communication proficiency among the participants. The qualitative approach was also employed to qualify the participants’ level of oral communication proficiency in terms of grammar, vocabulary and speech.

This study involved the second year Bachelor of Elementary Education students of Siargao Island Institute of Technology, Dapa, Surigao del Norte. There were 48 participants considered in the study. Non – random sampling was employed this mean all second year education students were considered participants of the study. Table 1 below shows the distribution of the participants. Table 1 Distribution of the participants according to gender. Gender

Number of Participants



. The researchers made questionnaires to which the drafts were submitted for correction with the help of the research facilitator. It was composed of two parts, the first part of the questionnaire gathered information about the participants’ profile in terms of age, ex, fluency in reading, and attitude towards English.

An interview guide was also used to gather data for the assessment of oral communication proficiency of the participants.
Second part of the questionnaire was used to measure the level of oral communication proficiency where the participants were given interview guide schedule through questions and were answered orally and recorded using a recorder. The responses of the students were...
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