Chapter 19

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Chapter 19

El Filibusterismo

He had begun writing it on October 1887 while practicing medicine in Calamba The following year, in London, he made some changes in the plot and corrected some chapters already written He wrote more chapters in Paris and Madrid, and finished the manuscript in Biarritz on March 29,1891 September 18, 1891 the sequel to the Noli came off the Press

Privations in Ghent & Alejandro

Rizal left Brussel for Ghent a famous university city in Belgium. July 5, 1891 His reason for moving to Ghent
The cost of printing in Ghent was cheaper than in Brussels
The cost of living was lower
They stayed at cheapest boarding house in 32 Rue de Flandre

The Printing of El Filibusterismo

Rizal found a Publisher – F. Meyer – Van Loo Press, No. 66 Viaanderen Street Rizal became desperate because of his funds were practically sone and the money he expected from his friend did not arrive. He had received money from Basa and P200 from Rodriguez Arias for the copies of Morga’s Sucesos sold in Manila. On August 6, the printing had to be suspended as Rizal feared because he could no longer give the necessary funds to the printer

El Filibusterismo comes off the Press

On September 18, 1891, El Fili came of tbe Press
Rizal now is a very happy man, immediately sent on this date two printed copies to Hong kong (one for Basa and the other for Sixto Lopez) Valentin Ventura, Savior of El Fili
Rizal sent complimentary copies to Bluementrit, Ponce, Lopez Jaena, T.H. Pardo de Tavera, Antonio and Juan Luna, M.H. Del Pilar and other friends. Practically all copies of the first edition of El Fili were placed in wooden box and shipped to Hong kong but almost all the boxes was confiscated and the books lost.

Dedicated to Gom-Bur-Za

Rizal dedicated El Fili to the GomBurZa
The Martyrdom of Gomez, Burgos & Zamora occurred on Feb. 17, 1872 – not 28th Father Burgos was 35 yrs. old & Father Zamora was 37 yrs. Old

The Manuscript and the Book...
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