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Chapter 16 Sections 1 And 2 Key Informa

By AllisonsmukGmail Jan 02, 2015 179 Words
World History / SCHSName_______________________________ Mr. MagieraDate_______________ Hour____________

Chapter 16 The Age of Absolutism

Directions: Complete the following terms in the space provided, and answer the following questions to the best of your ability.

Section I

Hapsburg Empire ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Charles V ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Phillip II ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Absolute Monarch ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Spanish Armada ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

What was the ruling family of Spain early in the 16th Century, and what additional lands did they control?

For what reasons did the Spanish Armada fail in an attempt to invade England?

List at least three reasons for the decline of the Spanish Empire.

Section II

Henry IV

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