Chapter 15 Notes APUSH

Topics: Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Frederick Douglass, Seneca Falls Convention Pages: 4 (926 words) Published: May 16, 2014
Chapter 15
Reviving religion
¾ of the population went to church. In the 19th century
Then slowly slowly religious ideals and many began to challenge the established churches. Diesm- Jefferson, Franklin, Paine and other founding fathers relied on reason rather than revelation and science rather than the bible. Unitarians- god existed in only one person not the trinity and stressed good rather than evil nature of mankind, salvation through good works Social Reforms

Asylum and Penal Reform
Women’s rights
Second Great Awakening
As a result of the second great awakening the dominant form of Christianity in America became evangelical Protestantism Membership in the major protestant churches, Congregational, Presbyterian, Baptists, and Methodist, soared By 1840 an estimated half of the adult population was connected to some church, with the Methodists emerging as the largest denomination in both the north and the South Revivalism and the Social Order

Society during the Jacksonian era was undergoing deep and rapid change The revolution in markets brought both economic expansion and periodic depressions To combat this uncertainty reformers sought stability and order in religion Religion provided a means of social control in a disordered society Churchgoers embraced the values of hard work, punctuality, and sobriety Revivals brought unity and strength and a sense of peace

Charles Finney
Charles Finney conducted his own revivals in the mid 1820s and early 1830s He rejected the Calvinist doctrine of predestination
Adopted ideas of free will and salvation to all
Really popularized the new form of revival

Charles Finney and the Conversion Experience
New form of revival-a born again feeling
Meeting night after night to build excitement
Speaking bluntly
Praying for sinners by name
Encouraging women to testify in public
Placing those struggling with conversion on the “anxious bench” at the front of the church Burned over...
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