Chapter 14 Study Questions

Topics: Sociology, World population, Symbolic interactionism Pages: 2 (267 words) Published: May 4, 2013
Which of the following conditions would conflict theorists suggest as being the result of a declining standard of living in a given society?

*A ) political instability

B ) mass migration

C ) citizen apathy

D ) economic alienation

The diffusion of responsibility can best be defined by which of the following?

A ) The more bystanders there are, the more likely people are to help.

*B ) The more bystanders there are, the less likely people are to help.

C ) The fewer bystanders there are, the less likely people are to help.

D ) The degree of polarization of values is related to the size of a group of bystanders.

Which of the following positions would an Anti-Malthusian most likely embrace?

A ) The world's population is following an exponential growth curve.

*B ) The world's population is undergoing a three-stage growth cycle.

C ) The population of the world will eventually outstrip its food supply.

D ) The world population doubles during approximately equal intervals of time.

What was the impetus behind both the mass population shift into the cities and the subsequent rise of cities' influence on society?

A ) the invention of the high speed printing press

B ) the invention of the plow

*C ) the invention of the steam engine

D ) the invention of the microchip

According to the symbolic interactionist perspective, why do women in poor nations bear a large number of children?

A ) Men control reproductive choices in the poor nations.

B ) They cannot afford to spend money on birth control.

C ) They are not educated about how to use birth control.

*D ) Large families are rewarded socially and economically.
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