Chapter 13 of Bulls, Bears & Golden Calves

Topics: Pornography, Erotica, Obscenity Pages: 2 (555 words) Published: June 11, 2011
Wes Allred
Chapter !3
“The Naked Gorilla”
In chapter thirteen, the writer talks about the problems and laws against pornography. First, it talks about how the Catholic Church published a list of forbidden books and how any book that dealt with pornography was in that list. It also lets us know that it is illegal to import any of the obscene or immortal pictures. They also made a law that stated that no U.S. Postal Service could have any part in transporting any of this obscene material. After telling all the laws and forbidden things to do the chapter begins to tell us how in the past there has been more money spent on pornography than on any sporting event, or any religious group or singing concert event in the past decade. It goes in to telling exactly how much was spent on each kind of pornography just for a mental image of how people put these things before religion and friends and family or for that matter before God. After the pornography industry evolved the next big item that was published was Playboy Magazine. After telling all the bad news of this problem it goes in to saying what God thinks about this situation. The book states that Jesus came to fulfill the law and even go beyond it specifically stating adultery and lust. These are just the main points that were in the chapter about just how much time and money are thrown away on the least important things in life.

I believe that this subject is the same as Jesus stated in the bible about the whole situation of lust and committing adultery even if all you do is lust over any certain thing. I believe that he is right when saying that even if we don’t commit sexual immorality by actually that we are still guilty of adultery. It may seem hard to keep the thought and images out of our heads but I believe that we should strive to be like Christ in everything we do and that is one way the world could change is by looking at this type of situation and knowing that if Jesus didn’t do it while...
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