Chapter 11 Outline

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Chapter 11 Outline
Congress is the lawmaking branch of government. The laws created by the men and women in the U.S. Congress affect the daily lives of every American in one way or another. The people you elect to Congress represent and advocate for your interests at the very highest level of power. The Structure and Make up of Congress

Congress consists of two chambers. House and Senate, so they might act as checks on each other’s power and activity. The House was to represent the people and the Senate was to have representatives for the states. The house seats are based on population. Every ten years, House seats are reapportioned based on the outcome of the decennial census. Each state is guaranteed at least one House seat, no matter what its population. The House has 435 Congressional Districts

Senators are elected to represent all of people in a state, representatives are elected by the voters of a particular area known as a congressional district. There have be arguments pertaining to the value of voters votes. Comparing one from a smaller district to one from a larger district caused the issue of equal representation. The Supreme Court decided that districts must have equal populations. This principle has become known as the “one person, one vote” rule. Supreme Court Continued to be silenced on the issue of gerrymandering districts. Gerrymandering occurs when a district’s boundaries are drawn to maximize the influence of a certain group or political party. The Representation Function of Congress

Congress has the closest ties to the American people. Member of Congress represent the interest and wished of the constituents in their home states. All members of Congress face difficult votes that set representational interests against lawmaking realities. There are several views on how legislators should decide such issues. Some believe that representatives should act as trustees of the broad interest of the entire society, rather than serving only the...
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