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Chapter 11 Lord of the Flies Foreshadowing

By blueeyedbreeze Nov 29, 2013 280 Words
Chapter 11 Foreshadowing

Chapter eleven of The Lord Of The Flies is foreshadowed in the book multiple times. For example, in the beginning of the book, when the boys first go to the top of the mountain, there is a large boulder that is in their way. Golding says, “The great rock loitered, poised on one toe, decided not to return, moved through the air, fell, struck, turned over, leapt drowning through the air, and smashed a deep hole into the canopy of the forest” (27). The boys pushed the rock off the cliff. Piggy was not there when they did this because they boys didn’t think he would be able to climb the mountain and they thought it was too dangerous. In chapter eleven, Roger pushed the rock off the cliff, which lead to the death of Piggy. It was a dangerous situation, which Piggy was actually there for.

Another place it was foreshadowed at is when Piggy tells Ralph that he is afraid of Jack. Piggy said, “ I’m scared of him, and that’s why I know him. If you’re scared of someone you hate him but you can’t stop thinking about him” (94). Piggy then goes on saying that he also hates Ralph, but has some respect for him. Piggy then says, “He can’t hurt you: but if you stand out of the way he’d hurt the next thing. And that’s me” (94). This foreshadows Piggy's death in chapter 11 when Ralph has become so ineffectual that he is essentially out of the way. Even if it wasn’t Jack who killed Piggy, Piggy was still killed because Ralph wasn’t there to save him.

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