Chapter 10 Study Guide

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Chapter 10

Media Vehicle: The specific program, publication, or promotional piece used to carry an advertising message. i.e., America’s Next Top Model, Project Runway, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Reach: the measure of the number of different audience members exposed at least once to a media vehicle Frequency: the number of times a target audience is exposed to a media vehicle in a specified period Reach X Frequency = Gross Rating Points (GRPs): A measure that represents the total delivery or weight of a media schedule during a specified time period. GRPs are calculated by multiplying the reach of the media schedule by the average frequency Target Rating Points (TRPs): The number of persons in the primary target audience that the media buy will reach—and the number of times. Sweep Period: the times of year in which television audience measures are taken (February. May, July, and November) Developing the Media Plan (Figure 10-4)

Market Analysis  Establishment of media objectives  Media strategy development and implementation  Evaluation and follow-up Brand Development Index: helps marketers factor the rate of product usage by geographic area into the decision process

Category Development Index: computed in the same manner as the BDI, except it uses information regarding the product category (as opposed to the brand)

Components of Media Mix: the combination or use of multiple forms of media to create and appropriate mix to properly reach your target market

Marketing Coverage Possibilities (Figure 10-13)

Continuity : a continuous pattern of advertising, which may mean every day, every week, or every month – must be regular Flighting: a less regular schedule with intermittent periods of advertising and nonadvertising – usually for seasonal products like snow skis Pulsing: a combination of continuity and flighting – continuity is maintained but at some times it is amped up like...
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