Chapter 10 Study Guide

Topics: Action potential, Neuron, Nervous system Pages: 11 (1453 words) Published: April 14, 2013
Shier, Butler, and Lewis: Hole’s Human Anatomy and Physiology, 11th ed.

Chapter 10: Nervous System I

Chapter 10: Nervous System I

I. General Functions of the Nervous System
A. The nervous system is composed predominately of ______________________ tissue, but also includes__________________________________________________________ B. Two cell types of nervous tissue are _______________________________________ C. Neurons are specialized to _______________________________________________ D. Dendrites are _________________________________________________________ E. Axons are ____________________________________________________________ F. Nerve impulses are _____________________________________________________ G. Bundles of axons are called ______________________________________________ H. Small space between a neuron and the cell(s) with which it communicates is called a _______________________________________________________________________ I. Neurotransmitters are ___________________________________________________ J. The central nervous system contains________________________________________ K. The peripheral nervous system contains ____________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ L. Three general functions of the nervous system are ____________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ M. Sensory receptors are located ____________________________________________ and provide______________________________________________________________ N. Receptors gather_______________________________________________________ O. Receptors convert their information into _______________________ , which are then transmitted over ____________________________ to ___________________________ P. In the central nervous system, the signals are_________________________________ Q. Following integration, __________________________________________ are made and acted upon by ________________________________________________________ R. The motor functions of the nervous system use neurons to carry impulses from the central nervous system to___________________________________________________ S. Examples of effectors are ________________________________________________ T. The two divisions of the motor division are__________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ 10-1

U. The somatic nervous system is involved in __________________________________ V. The autonomic nervous system is involved in ________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ W. The nervous system can detect ___________________, make __________________, and stimulate ___________________________________________________ to respond. X. The three parts all neurons have are________________________________________ Y. A neuron’s cell body contains ____________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ Z. Neurofibrils are________________________________________________________ AA. Chromatophilic substance is ____________________________________________ BB. Mature neurons generally do not ______________________but neural stem cells do. CC. Dendrites are usually highly ____________________________________________ to provide _______________________________________________________________ DD. Dendritic spines are___________________________________________________ EE. A neuron may have many dendrites but will have only one ____________________ FF. An axonal hillock is ___________________________________________________ GG. An axon is specialized to carry __________________________________________ HH. The cytoplasm of an axon includes_______________________________________ II. Collaterals are_________________________________________________________ JJ. A synaptic knob is...
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