Chapter 10-Personality

Topics: Enneagram of Personality, Personality psychology, Personality type Pages: 3 (925 words) Published: September 30, 2013
Every person is different in his or her behavior, feelings and the way of thinking. These unique characteristics formulate personality. Some people are easy-going, fun-loving; the others are aggressive, powerful and decisive. Researchers-psychologists, Don Riso and Russ Hudson, created very interesting and observing questionnaire called Enneagram and wrote a book called “The wisdom of Enneagram”. Enneagram helps to indicate the type of personality of the person. It shows which of the good qualities and some weaknesses each type has, and the book assist in understanding of the types of personalities. D. Riso and R. Hudson grouped similar personalities into 9 different types: Type 1- The Reformer- wise and realistic type; Type 2- The Helper- caring and warm-hearted; Type 3- The Achiever- success-oriented type; Type 4- The Individualist- introspective and romantic; Type 5- The Investigator- perceptive, cerebral type; Type 6- The Loyalist- committed, security-oriented type; Type 7- The Enthusiast- busy, productive type; Type 8- The Challenger- powerful and aggressive type; Type 9- The Peacemaker- self effacing, indomitable type. By taking this test and finding their personalities people can understand themselves better, may get aware of a number of weaknesses and even try to correct them. According to Enneagram my personality type is 2 - The Helper. Type 2s has strengths like unconditional love to others, unselfishness, altruism and humanity. . I was not surprised discovering myself within this group. I can fully relate to this type. All my life I loved to help people and comfort them in the time of need. For example, in my childhood I cared about sick animals. I would bring homeless cats and dogs to our house, making my mother really angry. Not only animals were under my care, friends and neighbors also looked for my assistance. I tutored my friends in subjects they were having troubles and helped with their homework. Later, growing up, I decided to become a...
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