Chapter 10 Alternative Ending

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Chapter 10 Alternative Ending
David and Fernando
Jonas looked around the bookshelf and he notice a very old worn and thorned binding and feels attracted by its condition. The book was larger than the other volumes arounded. It was embossed with gold letters and covered with dust. He tried to reach it but it was outside of his grasp. So he took a ladder and move it to the shelf in order to climb up to reach the book. As he climb toward the book and reach for it he thought twice about his action and stopped. As he stopped his hand brushed against the book, it felt on the floor and when the book hit the floor, it opened to a page which contained a picture of a soldier. At the time he came down in the middle step of the ladder and pick up the book, he got a clear image of the wounds of the soldier and he noted a missing arm and Jonas was terrified because he never saw someone in the community with a missing limb and some lines starting with: “Dear my love”. Jonas startled, his bewilderedness started increasing, it’s not only because he took the book out without any permission of the Elder but also because he’s never seen anyone with that kind of clothes and body like that. However, the curiosity took over his mind, he can’t help himself from climbing down the ladder quickly as possible to have a look at the book. As Jonas held the book his curiosity mixed with a little scare lead him to begin the reading. At first, he just skimmed through it with only one question that has been concerning his mind :

-” What is this book all about? I have never seen any book like this ever before in my life ! “, he wondered.

The mystery didn’t stop there, it even increased at the time he got into details of the book. At the beginning of the book were a bunch of pictures with some men in uniform, standing near a gigantic objective with a dark long stick attached to the upper part of the objective, made it look like a giant beast with no legs but somehow he had a feeling that...
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