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Institute of Computer Technology


MARCH 2014

Library Management System


Institute of Computer Technology


All the outset the application requires were studied and analysis and design were carried out. The development platform and software tool were identified as Visual Basic 2010 (as front-end) and access (as back-end) database. Using visual programming, object are manipulated directly and also due to the feature of fast and easy prototyping and GUI building visual basic as used.

In the system analysis and design part, data is processed using query techniques and study of the existing system. During the development phase various option are developed like master menu, transaction menu, report generation, utility etc. The detail of the programming steps followed and important clauses incorporated in the screen are described in documents.


We cannot claim the completion of this thesis as our own accomplishment alone. Our source of strength, dedication, and perseverance throughout this process came from a network of loving and supporting individuals who have served as our personal cheerleaders at one point or another. As we all know that every challenging work needs full self efforts with our colleagues as well as guidance of our mentors especially those who are close to our hearts. First, and foremost, I would like to thank God for giving us the strength to endure challenging times during our working days in our thesis. Our family and friends, who have helped us and encourage us to go as far as our dreams, would take as. I would like to extend a sincere thank you to our thesis adviser, we would also like to thank you for carrying us through this process, you’re optimism, refreshing reassurance and making us be ready to our final thesis defends. Last, but not the least, to thank my colleagues for their unconditional support, who nurtured, truly work hard, make efforts, for your authentic self, genuine friendship, and your dedication whole heartedly. The completion of this process, and thus my vocational, is dedicated to each one of us. Thank you for supporting us in pursuing this kind of new adventure.

Table of Contents

Background of the Study
The world of Information Technology transformed and made the life of human beings easier through the innovation of different machines and software applications. Search engines are all over the web for faster and reliable sources. But despite these easier ways of acquiring information, libraries are still operational in schools, colleges, and universities. Students are still obliged to use books from their library as one of their references in researches and other school works. Managing these libraries requires a lot of transactions and tasks. Some of these transactions include record keeping of the books and student and employee borrowers. However, many school libraries are still operated manually by librarians and library assistants. A college strengthens its educational level through the advancement of its library. The Cebu Normal University College Computerized Library System aimed to enhance the procedures of the library, from manually operated to a computerized system/database. This proposal’s purpose was to ease the system wherein library transactions will no longer need manual operation. This will carry out different processes in managing school libraries like library catalogue for easier book searching, keeping records of books, student borrowers, books borrowed, return of books, overdue and balances of books borrowed and automatic fine fees calculation. In the modern world, time is short so there are many processes taken place at the same time within a place, there is a need for interrogation of all the process, creation of paper less environment also ensures efficient task management. Our system which is the Library Management System is made computerized to reduce human made errors and to increase the efficiency. The maintenance of all the records is made easy and records are stored in a database. "A library's function is to give the public in the quickest and cheapest way information, inspiration, and recreation. If a better way than the book can be found, we should use it."

Objectives of the Study
This proposed system will provide a computerized Library user’s to make it more organized and easy to access. SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES
Has revolutionized the life of human beings’ and has made the lives easier by this system. To design a user friendly graphical user interface which the user suits. To reduce human made errors and to increase the efficiency.

Simply search/ discovery of library resources.
To eliminate the paper work in the library.
To record every transaction in computerized system so that the problem such as the record file is missing won’t be happen. To save the cost and time.

Significance of the Study
In today’s generation, almost all of the facilities are using the advance technology. Having this kind of atmosphere within the modern age, most of us really need a highly coordinated system that could help many people to work easier. It helps a lot in such a way that it makes work more progressive and productive. Particularly for some libraries, daily transactions are done on paper. Having a computer program may help in many ways such as organizing, storing and manipulating of data.

This study will be significant endeavour in enhancing and making works easier environment on its workplace and it gives motivations of its employees. This study will also beneficial to the students and instructors in strategic management, other corporate strategies, it also helps in collecting an appropriate quantitative data. In maintaining the records made in easy way and all records are stored in a database which can be retrieved easily afterwards. This system is made computerize to reduce human made errors and to increase the efficiency.

The library has the responsibility to upgrade its status through open access to these advances, to develop a plan of action in order to contribute and to become an effective partner especially in instruction, research and extension programs of an educational institute. From the statements above it is proven that the library has a big role not only to the students but also to the society and our country. Through the help of modern technology and information system, the library circulation system can improve. When this project has been done, this work will provide new perspectives in making things work easy.

Scope and Limitations
This study was conducted to determine the status of a school library. As perceived by teachers and their students during the school years. The aspects looked into were the qualifications and records of teachers as well as the students, their methods and strategies, facilities forms of supervisory assistance, problems and proposed solutions to problems. This is an on-going and development relationship as the computer’s capabilities are gradually explored and applied to the library. The system itself allows user to give status to the item whether if it is available or being used while dli ka save sa iyang history. you cannot be saved in the history. Library Scope

The impact of technology has greatly expanded the scope and capacity of the average library. This is an on-going and developing relationship as the computer's full capabilities are gradually explored and applied to the library.

Computers have radically changed the way people learn and communicate with  each other, as well as the library itself.

The library differs little from other institutions and firms in the impact ofcomputing technology on them. Changes are in the almost unlimited tracking of the availability of books: Whether a book has been issued or not is the work of moments, where before it would have entailed a long search through a card index.

The availability of learning resources has been massively expanded through access to the Internet, again facilitated by the use of computer technology.

Library Limitations
Without computers, as some libraries are, all of them are dependent on paper work. When compared to computerized systems, data backup and data retrieval systems are inefficient and labor intensive. 

Users of a paper based system become almost wholly reliant on the librarians, for all levels of service, whether they are enquiries about existing books, inter-library loans, or the availability of books. There is additionally no real involvement of a user in the entire process. 

Researching which new books are required by users becomes very difficult, and again, labor intensive. Librarians must be consulted directly to find out the availability of a book since it may already be issued to some other library user.

Furthermore, acquiring hard data on user trends and interests within the library again becomes very hard with a paper based system. Forms will need to be designed, printed off and handed out.

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