Chapter 1 the Problem and Its Background

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Nowadays, modern companies in our country used proximity cards/access badges to maintain that only authorized employees enters the specific offices or floors of the building/company office. This helps in ensuring the security of every room and offices of the company.

But a gaping hole in this system is the ‘what ifs’ questions it needed answers for; what if the employee just went to work and do nothing?, what if I just let somebody badge in my card to report for work? The company’s productivity will then be lessened by such kind of action of staff going to work and just sit around in front of the computer?

Such issue made us come with the idea to make the company more productive by being able to monitor which staff worker is doing his/her job and which is not, and by getting the jobs done also calculates the salary the employee will earn work working his/her head out.

The proposed system will be an improvisation of the standard proximity card (passive card) that only allows access to certain doors on a certain office/building. The improvisation of such in the proposed system includes registering the proximity card the a certain employee and making it also a time card (for it tracks the time the employee went out of office and enters back in) and then computes the salary of the employees per cut-off based on the time he/she enter and leaves the building. Also, the access card will also serve as login to the computer the employee will use during the entire shift/office hours.

Background of the Study

Based on past experiences with proximity cards, the researchers came up with this study as we wanted to improve how it is used make the ID and access cards more cost-efficient for the employees and the company alike. Most business process outsourcing (BPO) companies (Convergys and Teletech to name a few) use proximity cards for their employees to access doors and floors of the building. With the present-day technology, we aim to improve the present proximity card system and replace it with a new and improved, and also more effective magnetic stripe access ID card system which has better features and functions more than just being a key for employees.

Then we came up with ideas on how to improve it. Question like ‘what can we do to make it better?’ is one big factor that we kept in mind during the process. We also thought about the evolving technologies that we have now to further more enhance and maximize the functionalities that we can feasibly put in our proposed system.

With this study, we joined the functions of access card to computer login and salary system. Others may find it hard but with its capabilities, no wonder, if given the time to develop the system, this can be a hit in the market, preferably for BPO companies (as they are our target beneficiaries, the Teleperformance Philippines, Inc. in particular). Gaining entry and exit from the office plus the ability to compute and record the salary based on how many hours you have worked per shift as monitored by your computer login and backed by the incoming calls for clients and/or management is basically how the system will operate. Simple as it may look but this will ensure that the company’s target productivity will be met.

Conceptual Framework

Above is the graphical explanation of how the present-day proximity/access cards functions. There are three fundamental steps that they do. First, the valid card holder will swipe the card or badge at the entry point. Second, the machine or computer will read and check if the card is valid. As for most security and authorization machines come with display monitor. The card holder’s information will be displayed on the monitor so that the security can check if the card holder is matched with the ones on the system. Third, when everything is up to match and correct, the card holder will be authorized entry into the said...
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