Chapter 1 Summary for a People History of the United States

Topics: United States, Christopher Columbus, Latin America Pages: 2 (679 words) Published: October 26, 2011
Francheska Rosado
Chapter 1 , A people’s History of the United States

Christopher Columbus came thinking he found Asia when in fact all he found was the Americas. The ship they were in was called Saint Maria. The first place they landed was Cuba. They were in search for gold mostly, which Columbus promised the king and queen in Spain. He took the Arawaks Indians as slaves when it was hard for him to find gold. When he arrived in Haiti he created the first military base called Navidad which means charismas. Columbus then traveled to the Hispaniola and his thoughts was he arrived in China. He described the Indians as naive and willing to share. Indians did not believe in marriage. To them people may choose who are their mates and if they do not want to be with them they are allowed to leave their companion. The women are treated with respect there’s no whose more important among the Indians. All are generous and they do not believe in what’s called money that many greed for. They care about the nature and the environment. They are willing to trade and share. In despite of that, tribes still have conflicts and battles between them , but it accords when its really important. As well as men fighting women do their share too. Their casualties are small meaning they rarely fight with each other. Christopher Columbus was so blinded from the rewards of the Spanish king and queen proposed to him that he enslaved and mass murder natives due to his ignorance. As time went by, Spaniard made natives work in mines for six to eight months. Mainly men worked in the mines. Women were overworked in the soil fields by farming. Mates did not see each other for eight months. But when they did they were overly exhausted. They try to breed but it was impossible for the babies to stay alive because women were not able to produce milk and was to exhausted to nurse their newborns. In addition, Spaniards used Indians to test their blade. Test their blade? You ask, well for fun and...
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