Chapter 1 of Online Sales and Inventory Management System

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Chapter I

I. Title
“Developing an Online Sales and Inventory Management for Hizons Cakes and Pastries, INC”.

II. Background

The most popular, most obvious technological advances nowadays is the internet, which provides convenience for the lives and works of people. It already has a great impact in business especially in marketing industry; one of the examples is E-Commerce which is selling products through online. Online Sales and Inventory Management system is needed in online business, it can help the business to be broader by advertising the products and providing valuable information not just locally but internationally. The Hizons Cake and Pastries, Inc. is a business engaged in different traditional kinds of pastries and cakes. It started in 1946 and founded by Inocencia Hizon and Eduardo Zamora Sr. and passed to Mila Hizon Roasa who is now sustaining the legendary Hizons business. The goal of their business is to give their customers only the best quality products and nothing less. Its earliest branch is located at along Baon street in Quirino, Manila and move to 1197 Jorge Bocobo corner Arquiza streets in Ermita, Manila where it still stands to this day. Other branches can be found on the promenade greenhills, SM mall of asia pasay and the landmark Makati. These are included on their menus: special ensaymada (quezo de bola and cheddar cheese), egg roll, toasted yema, panolon, orange peel, marengue, londres, mamon, taizan, bangkasoy, macaroons, petite four, polvoron, raisin bread, dinner roll and cake slices (mocha, caramel and chocolate slices). III. Statement of the Problem

The company faces the problem of file handling resulting to delay in the transaction processes, Since there are vast numbers of supplies it is essential to meet the quota on time. But there are problems encountered which consists of the following Risks of not having a website. File Management

Day to day process of many transactions includes time consuming disadvantage for the company giving rise to difficulty in retrieving loss data not being handled appropriately. Unreliable tally of Inventory Report

The company does not have any sure inventory check with their stocks but when they do, Sometimes it does not tally with the last inventory that the enterprise made that might result to big profit loss of the company. Data Inconsistency

The company operates with manual operations for their sales report and inventory resulting to unnecessarily duplication of the data file/database file redundancy.

Inaccurate information and data loss
Since the company has no database that stores data, retrieving and utilization of data is nearly impossible to happen leading to inaccurate information and data loss. IV. Research Objectives
The objective of the research study is to create or establish online sales and inventory management system that will further enhance the proficiency and competitiveness of the business against other organization. General Objectives

* The proponent aims to develop and design an online sales and inventory for Hizons cakes and pastries, Inc.

Specific Objectives
* To know their existing manual transactions through interview, analysis and observation. * To use the concept of normalization to examine individual items of data and place them in data groups * To examine the flow of processes of the existing system using DFD (Data Flow Diagram) * To be able to provide meaningful information through the internet that can be accessed by anyone to specify their pleas. * The website has its own comment box to distinguish what is their feedback about the quality of the products they purchased and delivery services. * To save time efficiently and effectively for both business and customers.

V. Significance/Justification

An Online Sales and Inventory Management System provides a systematic management system for Hizons Cake and Pastries Inc. This provides...
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