Chapter 1 Introduction 2

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Chapter 1
Introduction to Research Methods

1.1 Role of Research In Business Decision’s

1.2 Research Process
1.2.1. Selecting a Topic
1.2.2. Literature Search
1.2.3. Discussion with "Informants and Interested Parties" 1.2.4. Sampling
1.2.5. Formulating your hypothesis
1.2.6. Questionnaire Design
1.2.7. Fieldwork
1.2.8. Data Processing
1.2.9. Statistical Analysis (Hypotheses Testing)
1.2.10. Assembly of Results
1.2.11. Writing up The Results

1.3 Types of Research
1.3.1 Exploratory Research
1.3.2 Descriptive Research
1.3.3 Analytical Research
1.3.4 Causal Research
1.3.5 Quantitative Research
1.3.6 Qualitative Research
1.3.7 Conceptual Research
1.3.8 Modeling Research

1.4 Criteria of good research

1.5 Ethics of Research

1.1 Role of Research in Business Decision’s

Research is a process of using the methods of science to the art of management for decision-making. Every organization operates under some degree of uncertainty. This uncertainty cannot be eliminated completely, although it can be minimized with the help of research methods. Research is particularly important in the decision making process of various business organizations. To choose the best line of action (in the light of growing competition and increasing uncertainty); it is very important that one should be able to gather all the data, analyze it and reach to the appropriate decisions. Research in common context refers to a search for knowledge. It can also be defined as scientific and systematic search for gaining information and knowledge on a specific topic or phenomena. In management research is extensively used in various areas. Research provides a base for your business sound decision - making. There are three parts involved in any of your systematic finding: Implicit question posed, explicit answer proposed and Collection, analysis, and interpretation of the information leading from the question to answer Illustration. “Research comprises of defining and redefining problems, formulating hypothesis or suggested solutions; making deductions and reaching conclusions; and at last carefully testing the conclusions to determine whether they fit the formulating hypothesis”. Market Research has become an important part in management decision-making. Marketing research is a critical part of such a Market intelligence system; it helps to improve management decision making by providing relevant, accurate, & timely information. Every decision poses unique needs for information gathered through marketing research. Thus, we can say that marketing research is the function that links the Consumer, Customer, and the public to the marketer through information used to identify and define marketing opportunities and problems; Generate, Refine, and evaluate marketing actions and monitor marketing performance; improve understanding of marketing as a process.

1.2 Research Process
1.2.1. Selecting A Topic: Topic is related to the area of interest. 1.2.2. Literature Search: A researcher should be aware of the current research in the related area and further scope of expansion. 1.2.3. Discussion with "Informants and Interested Parties"

1.2.4. Sampling (described in Chapter VI)
1.2.5. Formulating Your Hypothesis (described in Chapter VII) 1.2.6. Questionnaire Design -Translating the broad objectives of the study into questions that will obtain the necessary information. 1.2.7. Fieldwork - Collection of data through questionnaire or interview 1.2.8. Data Processing - coding and inputting the responses 1.2.9. Statistical Analysis (hypotheses testing)

1.2.10. Assembly of Results
1.2.11. Writing up the Results- drawing conclusions / interpretations and relating the findings to other research. You will have been given separate notes on report writing. 1.3 Types of Research

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